Can Samsung Galaxy S7 Active survive in real life?

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Samsung recently released its newest Galaxy S7 variant, the Galaxy S7 Active, promoting the phone’s tougher capabilities to meet the demands of more active users.

The phone’s primary features include a water- and dust-resistant screen, 4,000 mAh battery life and a MIL STD-810G protection that keeps the phone shatter- and, supposedly, drop-resistant as well, “to keep things intact even when it's bumped or dropped.”

Yet how many times can we accidentally drop the phone and still have it function, really?

Pitted against its original counterpart, Galaxy S7, both phones undergo four rounds of dropping to test out the various angles the phones can land on. Both phones are released onto a hard block at the same time from equal heights and damages are accessed as soon as the phones are stable on the ground.

In round one, the back face of each phone is tested, and the S7 Active wins this round. Only a few scuff marks appear on the S7 Active which can be easily wiped off while the Galaxy S7’s back completely shatters, forming minor and major cracks throughout the phone’s back case.

In round two, the bottom side of both phones is tested and both devices win the round. The S7 Active and Galaxy S7 both suffer the same amount of minute scrapes and scratches, not easily noticeable unless focused upon.

In round three, the side on which the buttons exist on both phones is tested and the S7 Active wins against the Galaxy S7. Both phones suffered the same amount of scratches again, but the S7 Active’s damages only appeared on its top and bottom bumpers, protecting the rest of the device’s side, including the side buttons.

In round four, the front face of both phones is tested and the S7 Active survived the drop with a few scratches, while the Galaxy S7 became completely inoperative as its exterior and interior displays both shattered from the fall.

A bonus round was given to the S7 Active to see just how many times it could withstand the dropping and after about 50 times of repeated falls, the phone remained functional with minimal damages.

Overall, the Galaxy S7 Active undoubtedly wins with flying colors and thus, truly lives up to its name.

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