Pokémon Go: how to make money out of thin air by the aid of a popular game


The world has gone crazy about a brand-new virtual game the name of which you have already heard, undoubtedly. The popularity of Pokémon Go grows like mad not only among the simple players, but also among a variety of commercial organizations, that actively use the game to promote their businesses. How the enterprising businessmen can use Pokémon games to attract new customers and increase their profits? Let's try to figure out.

This game uses augmented reality technology and implant all kind of monsters into the urban landscape.

The essence of the game is to collect these fictional characters known as Pokémon — done so with Poké Balls — all in an effort to fight them against other Pokémon collected by rivals.

Winners are determined by how Pokémons’ powers stack up against each other.

That’s probably all you — as a small business owner and non-aspiring Pokémon Trainer — need to know.



Paid "sponsored" Pokémon areas at McDonald's

The market value of the Nintendo company that released Pokémon GO rolled over to 42 billion US dollars (before the release of the game the company cost about $ 20 billion). So Nintendo overtakes Sony - the largest electronics manufacturer in the world, whose market value amounts to 38 billion dollars.

Due to the enormous popularity of this game, other companies try to use Pokémon to promote their brand and attract visitors. For example, in the Japanese division of McDonald's they decided to put Pokémon toy figures in sets of Happy Meal - even taking into account the fact that the game in the country isn’t officially released yet at that time the company's share price immediately rose by 23%.

After that, it became clear that the Japanese McDonald's will be the first official commercial partner of Nintendo as the company will launch so-called "sponsored" areas in this restaurants after the game release – poké stops and gyms (places of game resources replenishment), that will attract a huge number of players in desperate need of caffeine or food — or both — before continuing on their quest.

Previously, such kind of areas were placed in the cities by the developers and weren’t for sale. The cost of this branding is still unknown, but there’s no doubt that it will attract at McDonald's even more visitors and bring both companies additional revenue.



Game-caused trauma insurance and free traffic

And how a staggering popularity of Pokémon GO can be used by some companies in the UAE to promote their services?

Businessmen can set special modules for Pokémon lure in their establishments (unit cost about $ 1 per 30 minutes). Such a marketing gimmick will attract not only virtual monsters, but also real buyers to the cafes, bars, cinemas and other places.

This approach can also be used in a more sophisticated way: give lures only for those who paid a bill of a certain sum of money. No occasional players in this case, only surge of new customers.

Large distributor networks can sell the merchandise, associated with the universe of Pokémon (toys, T-shirts, mugs, etc.) - Japanese division of McDonald's can serve us as an example.

The chain stores of household appliances and electronics can run a variety of events to stimulate the sales. For example, the customers that made a photo against the background of the Pokémon company logo, can get discounts and gift vouchers on purchases in the store.

This approach fits well on the banking sector. Thus, a number of global banks have already launched the bonus range for customers, playing Pokémon GO, - from the lures on the Pokémon in their own offices to competition among subscribers in social networks, the winners of which will receive double cash-back on all types of cards. The Arabian banks can definitely follow the example of the world's colleagues and offer its customers something similar.

The insurance companies can also catch the fashion trend and develop specialized insurance policies for the Pokémon games players. For example, if a player gets a wound or an injury while catching a Pokémon (and the game is actually quite traumatic), he will be paid compensation.  

Pokémon GO can also be used by mobile operators in the UAE. For example, they can offer their customers some special game service plans, which will include unlimited Internet traffic on the game – this marketing ploy will definitely draw Pokémon catchers in their network.

Service plan can also include a number of in-game bonuses (for example a couple of unique Pokémon or free lures), bonus traffic for plain Internet surfing as well as favorable terms for a network’s newcomers.



Other locations

Government, social organizations and non-commercial institutions can also use Pokémon GO to attract the youth to the places that are not so popular as cafes or banks.

Want to see more students at your lectures? Why don’t you put a poké-lure to your classroom? Your charity campaign is not as effective as you’ve expected? Have a rare Pokémon in your meeting place! Voters turnout leaves more to be desired? Oh, come on, give every voter a new Pokémon. This kind of marketing gives obvious benefits for both of the sides.    

And with new updates, who can predict what new features of the game will help you to get more of what you do?

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