China Finally Tested a Portal Bus TEB

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The so-called “straddling bus” or TEB-1 (Transit Elevated Bus) was taken for its first test drive in China recently. This bus portal runs above street level, carrying up to 300 passengers as cars go beneath it.   

Earlier we have mentioned this bus as the futuristic transport concept was unveiled.

The tests took place in the northeastern city of Qinhuangdao, in the Hebei province. The futuristic bus spans 22 m long and 7.8 m wide, while its height is 4.8 m. 

TEB-1 straddles two lanes and passes the traffic below him just across – like a rolling tunnel. The portal bus was held up as a solution to China’s notorious traffic problems. Moreover construction of tracks will cost considerably less than subway construction.

Although there still remain many questions about the feasibility of this invention of Chinese engineers, hopefully it will help to improve the situation. 


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