Google Rolls Out Android Nougat : Here Is All You Need To Know About It!

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Good News for ANDROID lovers. Android version 7.0 Nougat is releasing this 5th August on Nexus devices. Evan Blass, a credible news leaker has tweeted about this news. But Nexus 5 users will feel disappointed with the news that their devices do not incorporate the support of Android 7 version Nougat. So, only Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P will receive the updates.

Let’s see features that are expected with Nougat:

One of its latest feature of manual exposure is coming back to stock Android camera. This feature was not visible on earlier preview builds of Android Nougat. You can see this feature when you tap the screen to focus. A slide will be visible on the right hand side which will enable the settings to adjust the exposure manually

Users will be able to customise the volume buttons. For example, users can instruct Android OS to set volume buttons for camera actions.

Project svelte: This project by Google will help to minimise RAM use by system and apps across the range of Android devices in the ecosystem. Its focus is on optimising the way apps run in the background.

Notifications section will be improved substantially. One can directly reply from notifications and much more information will be visible. The Direct Reply feature will help users to quickly respond to messages or update tasks from notification interface itself. Users will be able to see grouped notification because of the feature ‘Bundled Notifications’. With a button or two-finger gesture, users will be able to expand each grouped section.

Split-screen multitasking will be the highlight of all other features. Users will be able to access two different apps in the same screen simultaneously. Video apps will support picture-in-picture mode. Screen can split horizontally as well as vertically. The dividing line helps you to scale the section comfortably.

Android Nougat will add the ability to record and playback content from Android TV input services via new recording APIs.

Android Nougat will be able to give sustained performance mode for Virtual Reality (VR).

Android for Work. This is an interesting feature. Android for Work has been updated with a new feature and APIs for devices running Android N. This feature will help profile owners to specify a separate security challenge for apps running in the work profile. Which means, users can set distinct password policies for the work challenge – how long the PIN needs to be, fingerprint can be used to unlock the profile etc. This feature also includes the Always on VPN feature so that work apps load from a specified VPN only.

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