Here Is The Secret: Run Android Apps On Any Chromebook

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Google recently announced its very first developer preview with Android app for Chromebook. But, the chrome OS update is available only for Asus Chromebook flip. Devices like Google Chromebook Pixel and Acer Chromebook R11 can expect to get the update next, whereas other Chromebook users might have to for little more time.

Google’s latest timeline reveal that other Chromebooks will have to wait till late this year or early next year to get the play store built. However, if you’re impatient, there are ways you can run the Android apps on Chromebook. You will have to use the ARC Welder app to run Android on Chrome OS. Follow the steps given below to use Android apps on any Chromebook through ARC Welder.

Step 1

Download the ARC wielder app from Chrome Web Store.

Step 2

Download the APK files of apps that you want to use on your Chromebook from

Step 3

Open the ARC Wielder app and then click on the Add your APK option.

Step 4

Select the APK files that you have downloaded.

Step 5

Once the APK files are loaded in the app, you can choose from various options and customize your app experience. For example you can select the orientation (portrait or landscape), form factor (tablet, phone, maximized or full screen) and you can choose to give the app “Clipboard access” or not. Once done, click on “Test” to start the app.

Step 6

In case you have loaded ARC Welder app previously then you will be prompted to remove it before loading the new APK. Your app will then start up and you can use the app through mouse or touch if your Chromebook supports it. 

Important Points to Note

The ARC Welder app is built for the developers trying to enhance their Android apps for the Chrome OS, so do not assume great performance out of it. Nevertheless, if you are just considering using a few Android apps on your Chromebook, it’s not too shabby either. Having said that, if you consider using ARC Welder permanently, here are a few important points to be kept in mind:

  • Have patience as it many take a little longer time to load after you have clicked test.
  • According to developers, you should useTablet or Maximized as the form factor and Landscape as the screen orientation for best results. You can resize the window of an app, like you would do on a normal app and the interface will scale accordingly.
  • Not all the apps work! We tried out the APKs of most of the popular apps and only a few managed to play well with Chrome OS. This should get fixed with future Chrome OS updates, as Google starts integrating its Play Services.
  • You should choose downloading stable versions of apps, rather than trying out any beta or alpha builds of an app.

Now, you are ready to try out Android apps on your Chromebook.

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