Estream is the world’s smallest hydro power plant


The Estream portable generator is powered by, arguably, the most reliable natural resource on the planet: running water. A flowing river has the power to charge the device day or night, rain or shine, which can then juice up just about any USB-connected device. Estream, by Enomad, is perfect for camping or any off-the-grid adventure.

Moving water becomes stored energy as the device’s turbine turns, even during a weak current or when dragged behind a kayak or canoe. The battery takes about 4.5 hours to charge completely, then it is fully portable and able to fuel three smartphones, GoPros, or even tablet PCs. Its modular design also allows it to transform into an underwater lantern.

The rechargeable nature of the Estream depends on the consistent presence of running water, as compared to unpredictable wind or solar power. Being lightweight, small, and easy to use means both experienced and technologically disinclined users can use hydro power on the go. A Kickstarter campaign is in effect, offering backers a chance to get in early on the innovation. Enomad takes pride in the Estream, stating, “Not only does it minimize the environmental impact of your energy consumption, but it allows users to take an active role in experiencing how energy is produced and used.”


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