New hydrogen refueling station triples capacity of conventional stations


Manufacturer of hydrogen refueling stations, H2 Logic unveiled a new patented system that promises to triple the refueling capacity of current hydrogen stations. The new H2Station®CAR-200 has a third of the environmental footprint than the previous generation, CAR-100, and can be installed in even the smallest of gas stations.

H2Station® CAR-200 has a new dispenser that provides up to 100 kilograms of hydrogen in three hours using a fueling hose similar to those at conventional gas stations. This means that up to seven fuel-cell cars can be filled in an hour.

The company has yet to reveal the cost of these stations, but has announced U.S. deliveries will take place later this year. At least 10 stations have been installed in Europe by H2 Logic. In the U.S., the number of hydrogen refueling stations is rising, but still falls far behind gas stations (115,000 gas compared to 29 hydrogen refueling stations).

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