Robot Dragonflies And Lasers To Protect Britain In Future

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Wars are getting high-tech and the future of war certainly has robots in it, not to forget the application of AI too. Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has unveiled its plans regarding the future tactics for Britain’s defences. The plans include the development of robotic dragonflies called “Skeeters”, virtual reality helmets and laser weapons.

The Innovation and Research Insights Unit (IRIS) of the country, which is part of a new defence innovation initiative with a view to speed the transition of new systems from the lab to the battlefield intends to identify emerging technologies and determine their potential military impact. All these innovations are part of the £800 million (US$1 billion) IRIS initiative which will stress on adopting a more risky approach when it comes to new defence technologies.

This has come to light that Skeeter is a tiny Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) from Oxford based Animal Dynamics. It is based on the dragonfly and is designed to use cutting-edge micro-engineering. It has embedded electronics in a composite structure and it flies by flapping its four wings in an insect-like manner when it encounters an obstacle.

There is another project under progress which involves development of robots and flying drones capable of seeking out particular chemicals in an area without exposing humans to danger. There is also a ‘hyper reality’ helmet under progress which helps soldiers to train in calling in airstrikes in a virtual environment.

Then there is the Quantum Gravimeter from the University of Birmingham which uses the quantum effect of extremely cold atoms in combination with paired gravimeters to make very precise measurements of the Earth’s local gravitational field with high resistance to external noise sources. Supposedly, this will allow soldiers to seek out enemy tunnels or hunt for survivors in disaster struck areas in a matter of few minutes. The initiative will help keep Britain safer says the ministry.

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