THIS Is How To Make A Recovery Drive And Reinstall The Operating System If Your PC Is Down!


Many users consider Windows 10 as one of the best operating system. But, their major concern is re-installation of the OS when something goes wrong. In case of any problem, they will have to start it by using a USB recovery drive, which will help them in trouble shooting and fixing the problems. A USB recovery drive is same as a system repair disk, but instead of a DVD or CD, it uses a USB drive.

In case your PC has a recovery partition; you can copy that on the recovery drive, and reset your PC with the help of that. Once you have copied the recovery partition, delete it from your PC, as it provides a lot of free space to your PC.

To create USB recovery drive you need two things, they are: 

  1. A USB drive with at least 4GB of memory.
  2. Windows 10 OS running on your PC

Here are instructions you need to follow to create a USB recovery drive.

  1. Open control panel, there is an option of ‘Recovery’. Click on ‘create recovery drive’ under that option.
  2. The system may either ask you for an admin password or may ask to you confirm.
  3. Select the option, ‘Back up system files to the recovery drive’.
  4. Make sure your USB drive is connected to the PC. Select the USB drive and click ‘Next’.
  5. Click on ‘create’ option. This may a take a little time.
  6. Once the files are copied, you will see an option; ‘delete the recovery partition from your PC’. If you require disk space, and then select ‘delete’. Click ‘finish’ incase you do not want to delete the recovery partition.

Following things must be taken care of while creating the recovery drive, they are: 

  • You cannot create recovery drive in Windows safe mode.
  • Recovery drive can be created in 64 bits Windows 10, and only 64 bits Windows 10 can be repaired with it.
  • Uncheck the option, ‘ Back up system files to recovery drive’. If you are getting an error message while creating a recovery drive.

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