It was inevitable: Apple’s wireless AirPods get a safety strap

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With the launch of the iPhone 7, Apple has managed to divide opinion mainly due to the removal of the headphone jack from the handset. They also used that removal as an opportunity to introduce the AirPods: a completely wireless set of earbuds with 5-hour battery life and a recharging case as standard.

The biggest concern surrounding the AirPods is how easy it will be to damage or lose them. They are tiny, and they cost $160. You really don’t want to drop one of them because it will either break on impact, get stepped on and therefore broken, or be lost forever.

So, the inevitable has happened, and a third-party manufacturer has created a safety strap for the AirPods in record time. The strap is made by Spigen and has a list price of $19.99, but you can pick it up for $9.99 on Amazon. Even so, that’s $10 for a short piece of plastic cable on top of the $160 you already spent on the AirPods.

The AirPods Strap Wire Cable Connector as it is called, has a gripping plastic ring on either end that each AirPod slots into securely. The strap then loops around under your chin or possibly around the back of your neck. If either earbud falls out of your ear it should hang in the strap rather than falling to the ground. If both fall out, at least it will be much easier to locate them.

As the AirPods won’t be available until October, neither is the strap, but you can pre-order it. And Spigen is already trying to get a patent on the design because they know it’s going to be a popular accessory that’s copied by other 3rd parties trying to make a profit off the back of concern surrounding the AirPods design.

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