Hasselblad’s special edition all-black X1D looks sick


Hasselblad’s X1D is one of the most interesting cameras to be announced in years, as it crams a massive, medium format image sensor into camera that’s as portable as a compact DSLR. Today, the company is making things even more interesting with a special edition 4116 version of the camera.

The X1D 4116 edition has the same specs as the camera announced earlier this year — 50-megapixel CMOS sensor; ISO range up to 25,600; 14 stops of dynamic range; XGA viewfinder and 3-inch touchscreen; built-in Wi-Fi and GPS — but the body has been painted all black for a stealth look. The camera comes with a 45mm lens, a leather hand strap, extended warranty, and a custom box. It will be available for $12,995.

In addition to the X1D 4116 edition, Hasselblad is also demonstrating a concept camera based on the classic V series film cameras. The V1D 4116 Concept has a 75-megapixel, square medium-format sensor and modular system. The main body is machined out of a solid block of aluminum and photographers can attach lenses, grips, displays, or other accessories to it. The whole design looks thoroughly modern, but with a nod back to the classic cameras that inspired it. Hasselblad isn’t saying whether it will produce a camera based on the concept, nor how much it might cost


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