Destiny 2 is coming to PC

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Destiny was a big hit on consoles but for some odd reason, it was never released on PC. This won’t be the case with Destiny 2. According to sources within Activision, the sequel is scheduled to come out for PC and current gen systems in 2017. Bungie won’t just be taking the Destiny that exists today and giving it a new coat of paint either.Destiny 2 will be a complete departure from the first game and offer up a decidedly different experience.

Reports about Destiny 2 first surfaced on NeoGAF where a user by the name of benny_a posted that a friend of his who works for Activision was told that Destiny’s sequel was PC bound. In fact, all of Activision’s employees were told about Destiny 2coming to PC. Jason Schreier from Kotaku has stated that his own Activision sources have also confirmed that Destiny 2 will be available on PC in 2017.

As I stated in my recent article about the things people want in Destiny 2, having the title on PC will yield many benefits. Destiny already has a large fan base on consoles and these numbers will grow considerably with the addition of PC users. Not only that, but with the game only being on PC and current-gen consoles (including the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro and Project Scorpio), it won’t have the same sort of restrictions the original Destiny faced by being on last-gen systems.

Destiny 2 coming to PC is fantastic news, but the most juicy bit of information is about how Bungie wants to essentially start over from scratch and create an entirely different game. Unfortunately, this means that none of the progress players made in Destiny will carry over into Destiny 2. However, there have been discussions over possible rewards for players who sank hundreds of hours into Destiny, though nothing has been finalized yet.

Something else I covered in my article was about exploring new worlds in Destiny 2. Bungie doesn’t want to revisit the same old areas, so we should (hopefully) expect to leave Earth’s solar system and venture out into the stars. One term Bungie has been tossing around is “play-in destinations.” This is just a fancy way of saying that Destiny 2will have populated worlds filled with towns and outposts. Each world will have more involved quests compared to the ones in the first game.

All of the proverbial stops are being pulled out for Destiny 2. Not only are most of Bungie’s employees working on the sequel, but Activision has supposedly brought in studios like Vicarious Visions, High Moon, and more to help with development. This is well over a thousand folks working to bring Destiny 2 to life.

As always when it comes to these sort of reports, take all of this with a grain of salt. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to be just a little enthusiastic over what Destiny 2 could hold in store. We’ll keep you updated with any further news on Destiny 2 as it develops

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