Facebook Launches New Feature for E-Commerce


Facebook connects people: millions are using the app for keeping in touch, making new friends and just for entertainment. Today Facebook is becoming more and more multifunctional – now it’s going let users selling and buying from people who live nearby by means of a new feature called Marketplace.

According to statistics up to 450 million people per month already use Facebook to buy and sell used goods. Facebook Marketplace gives users a more formal process to make such deals. It works in the following way: the app generates home page with a list of items, which may be potentially interesting for you basing on your location, history of your views and likes. You can message a seller, upload a photo of your offer, set description and price of an item.

Marketplace will be available only to persons of full age and in four countries (The USA, the UK, Australia and New Zealand) for now. Marketplace will be launched on the iOS and Android apps in the nearest future, while the desktop version will be introduced in the next few months.

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