Robo Recall and Progress in the VR Games

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What could be exciting news for those who love experiencing virtual reality, Epic Games has developed a new game that is the gallant successor to "Bullet Train," a previous VR demo that showcased its Unreal Engine technology which incorporated the Oculus Touch motion controllers. Robo Recall steps into the spotlight amongst other related robot games and has caught much attention from its action intensive first-person-shooter game style, open and enjoyable gameplay, in-depth scoring system and highly impressive combat.

To touch on the game itself, you'll find that the environments are incredibly immersive as you confront a wide range of problematic rogue robots and come upon an extensive amount of weapons with access to new challenges. The game's story describes you as a recall expert attempting to take down eccentric AIs that have gone berserk ever since they became self-aware of their place in the evolutionary hierarchy. With this, the game presents itself as having a story with a progression system, scoring mechanic, deep combat fundamentals, and last but not least, a highly anticipated boss fight.

Before even jumping into the action, the game starts with a realistically rendered office where you quickly learn the controls and how to move around. You then get to move out to the streets to learn how to tear off robot limbs and shoot them, having along as a guide a computerized narrator similar to GLaDOS in Valve's Portal games. From here, you start your mission and will encounter all kinds of enemies whom you can use your creative combat skills and weapons on. The game scores you on how creatively you take down your foes, and you can rise up in the leadership rankings with enough points. Since 90 frames per second is required for gameplay in VR games, the whole experience is pretty fast-paced.

A tidbit on a really cool feature is that the action slows down when the rogue robots shoot at you, and if you're just quick enough, you'll be able to catch bullets and send them right back to its sender. If you find that you need to brush up on your skills, players will be able to experience the city in sandbox mode to practice mastering different trick shots that they can later apply in the game. With that said, Robo Recall is expected to come to the Oculus Rift for free and support Oculus Touch in early 2017.

There are many VR games of pretty much every genre (FPS, simulator, RPG, action, puzzle, etc.) that will be available soon along with newly developed games coming out next year in 2017. Some are already in progress such as the classic Minecraft game, and an immersive space simulator called Elite: Dangerous is already ready to play. Some future VR titles for 2016-2017 include Eagle Flight, where players can explore the gorgeous views of Paris as an eagle, Lucky's Tale, a 3D platformer reminiscent of old school games like Super Mario Sunshine where you play as a fox in a colorful world, and Edge of Nowhere from Insomniac Games where you're in Antarctica searching for a missing expedition while venturing into the dangerous unknown.

Virtual reality games are slowly becoming popular while more and more games are being adapted/made for different VR headsets. Whether you own an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR or Playstation VR, you can expect quite a number of new games coming out for all to enjoy in the virtual reality experience.

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