Apple iPhone's Secret One-handed Keyboard


Recently Apple has introduced a lot of few features, though its typing experience still leaves much to be desired. As far as we know iPhones are not one-handed anymore and this became one of the main complaints of the device. However it turned out there is actually a hidden one-handed keyboard that nobody is supposed to know about. A developer named Steve Troughton-Smith discovered it on the Apple device accidentally by hacking an Apple’s iOS Simulator. 

The secret feature can be activated by a simple edge-swipe. You can adjust the keyboard to fit either of your dominant hand. They keyboard is perfect for people with small fingers and for those who just want to use iPhone with one hand. For some reason the feature is hidden in the iOS code and we cannot officially use it (keyboard would require you to jailbreak your device’s operating system). We see two ways out of this situation: follow Steve Troughton-Smith’s tutorial of hacking iPhone or just download Microsoft’s Windows Phone keyboard for iOS, which features a clever one-handed mode.

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