Google Cloud Search Assistant, Formerly Springboard, Launched to Provide Unified Search Across G Suite

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Google has announced its digital assistant Google Cloud Search for G Suite users, previously made available as preview named Springboard, which makes use of "machine intelligence to provide a unified search experience across G Suite." The search giant claims that Google Cloud Search provides comprehensive search and proactive recommendations throughout the day to help its users.

The Google Cloud Search assistant has been made available both as a Web and a mobile app and provides users with relevant information in the form of assist cards. "Assist cards are a new way to help you find the right information at the right time. Using Google's machine intelligence technology, these cards can help you prepare for an upcoming meeting or even suggest files that need your attention," the company said in its blog post.

The search giant says that the assist cards have been designed to be timely so that they enable you to get through your work routine more efficiently. As machine learning is being used, it gets better with time as it absorbs information. Google says it will be adding more assist cards to Cloud Search over time.

"In addition to searching for information, you can also search for people listed in your company's directory. You'll see colleagues' contact details, plus events and files you have in common. You can even choose to send an email, make a call, or start a Hangout with just a tap," it added.

As privacy is a big concern for businesses, Cloud Search goes by the sharing permissions and only those people who have access to a particular file will be able to search or see it. Google says that Cloud search will start rolling out globally for customers using the G Suite Business and Enterprise editions. The search giant has even said that in coming months, it will be adding integration with third-party applications to Cloud Search.

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