Uber Is Planning To Launch Flying Taxi by 2020

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At the Elevate Summit in Dallas, Texas Uber announced its plan on bringing flying taxis to Dubai and Dallas by the year of 2020. These flying vehicles will be small, electric aircrafts that take off and land vertically. They will have no emissions and are quiet enough to operate in cities. In the beginning of operation the price for a flight is expected to be $1.32 per mile, which is a bit higher than taking UberX for the same distance. 

To make this bold plan come true, the American transportation giant cooperates with such companies as Aurora Bell Helicopter, Mooney, Pipistrel and Embraer. The company has also partnered with U.S. electric vehicle charging station maker ChargePoint Inc. to develop an exclusive charger for its network.

Uber expects to conduct first passenger flights part of the World Expo 2020 in Dubai. However this is not the first time flying cars have been predicted to appear in Dubai. Sceptics note that it’s unlikely Uber will reach its aim by 2020 – it’s difficult not only to produce such flying electric cars but also to launch them within heavily-populated metropolises. Tough requirements of the authorities do not work in the favour of the developers either. Well, time will tell.

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