Samsung Plans to Recover 157 tonnes of Rare Metals From Galaxy Note 7s


In an attempt to reduce the environmental impact Samsung is going to recycle 157 tonnes of rare metals from its sadly remembered Galaxy Note 7s smartphones, which gained notoriety last year after a battery defect caused explosions.

Sales of the Galaxy Note 7 were suspended almost a year ago, however Samsung confirmed in March that it plans to sell updated Galaxy Note 7s instead of throwing them away. A modified version of the Note 7 – the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition was launched in South Korea earlier this month as part of the recycling effort. It uses different batteries from those that caused some handsets to catch fire last year.

Tech giant has promised to reuse or recycle as many parts of the recalled smartphones as possible, including components such as the camera module, memory chips and display. Rare metals, in particular silver, cobalt, copper, and even gold, will be recovered from components that cannot be reused.

Other smartphone companies have also announced initiatives to reduce their environmental impact. For example, Apple is now figuring out how to use only renewable materials in its products.

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