Apple Pay Continues Its Expansion in Europe and Middle East

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Apple is continuing its aggressive expansion of Apple Pay with the addition of four new countries: Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the United Arab Emirates.

weden is one of the most advanced countries in terms of mobile payments. A survey showed that more than three-quarters of the population used mobile payment apps last year. Only 20% of transactions in the country involve cash. Nordea is expected to be the first Swedish bank to support the payment method.

In Denmark, Apple Pay will work with Nordea bank customers and Jyse bank customers (debit cards only). Just like in Sweden and Denmark, Apple Pay in Finland will be supported by Nordea and ST1 bank.

In the United Arab Emirates launch, there are six banks for Apple Pay: Visa cards at Emirates Islamic, Emirates NBD, HSBC, mashreq, RAKBANK (Mastercard) and Standard Chartered Bank.

What is more in September Apple has launched new version of the mobile operating system which features peer-to-peer payments. Now it is possible to send money to your friends using an iPhone with Apple Pay.

While Apple Pay was only available in the USA at first, it is now available in 16 countries. Although the system has been more successful in some countries than others, Apple shows clear signs of commitment with regular expansions all over the world.

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