Top 6 New Diseases Caused by Modern Technology

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Today almost none of us can imagine a life without gadgets. Smartphones, laptops and tablets make our life easier and bring fun. Unfortunately using of them gives not only advantages. Besides social problems caused by gadgets addiction, some previously rare or even unknown syndromes and disorders have appeared. Here you can find description of the most common ones and some tips. 

1. Texting neck or tablet/cell-phone neck syndrome

Symptoms: Neck pain and numbness, headaches and migraine attacks.

When using a smartphone or tablet the device is typically situated below our eyes. It means we lean our head downwards and sometimes also extend our neck in the forward direction. Research has shown that by leaning our heads downwards at an angle of 60 degrees the strain on our neck is approximately 27 kg.

Remedy and cure: Control your posture, try and hold the device in use more in level with your eyes to keep your neck straight.


2. Sweeping finger disorder

Symptoms: Sensitive fingertips with wounds, blisters and calluses.

Our fingertips are sensitive enough but are not meant to repeatedly sweep over surfaces. Considering that some of the most popular games for iOS and Android can make a user sweep a distance over 12 m per minute, it is not surprising that some people end up with fingertips with blisters, wounds or other disorders and pain. For non-gamers the situation may be better, although we shall not underestimate the distance we sweep scrolling around the pages and apps we use daily.

Remedy and cure: Change the sweep finger and use touch enabled gloves.


3. Texting thumb/finger syndrome

Symptoms: Pain and needle like sensation at the joints and knuckle of the affected finger with disorder.

The cause of this particular turned out to be related to the increasing number of text messages sent by each person. In addition with the sheer high number of presses to send even the simplest text messages resulted in overload of the muscles and tendons attached to the thumb. Today with smartphones and touch displays, this disorder is still commonly found. Although the difference is that it is no longer restricted to the thumb, but rather any mainly used finger(s).

Remedy and cure: Alternate the finger that you use to interact with your smartphone.


4. Digital eye strain syndrome

Symptoms: Reddish and itching eyes, eye strain, swollen eye lids, headache, vision disorders.

The nature has not created our eyes for instant staring at a computer screen. When working with a computer screen, we blink and move our eyes around much less than usual. Therefore the eyes dry and red-eye appears. Luckily most symptoms present only temporarily and disappear when we change the kind of activity. Nevertheless in the worst cases permanent vision changes may occur.

Remedy and cure: Try to rest and look at other objects during extended periods of time in front of a screen.


5. Tennis elbow disorder

Symptoms: Pain around the elbow region and forearm while gripping objects.

Perhaps the most popular disease caused by modern technology. While it has historically affected tennis players, today it is actually affects computer users much more often than tennis players. Tennis elbow can occur during repetitive movements of the fingers and wrists as a result of overload in the involved muscles followed by inflammation and pain around the elbow.

Remedy and cure: Try exercise the wrists and fingers occasionally. Give priority to more ergonomic keyboards and mice.


6. Laptop thigh disorder or “toasted skin” disorder

Symptoms: Net-like rashes the skin, typically the thighs which are exposed by the hot laptop surface.

This syndrome is caused by prolonged skin exposure to a hot surface with a temperature higher than 42 C and consists of a brownish discoloration of the skin. Simply having a hot laptop surface on your lap for too long is not healthy and for male individuals, research has also shown that prolonged use of laptops resting on the thighs has negative impact on the reproduction abilities.

Remedy and cure: Try and place the laptop on a desk. There are also laptop pads and coolers that can be place between the legs and the laptop.


It is obvious that the society we live in today makes it difficult to avoid overusing of modern gadgets. Given that our bodies are built to move and not for repetitive and monotonic work, we should remember to take breaks and change working positions to avoid some disorders.   

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