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Google has announced its digital assistant Google Cloud Search for G Suite users, previously made available as preview named Springboard, which makes use of "machine intelligence to provide a unified search experience across G Suite." The search giant claims that Google Cloud Search provides comprehensive search and proactive recommendations throughout the day to help its users.

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Want to do something different with your pictures? Bored of the same old look and want to make your photos really stand out? Well, you could learn better photography, but if you aren't interested in making so much effort, apps that apply filters to your images are a quick way of getting eye-catching photos. The most famous app amongst these is of course Facebook-owned social network Instagram, but there have been plenty of others along the way as well.

Today, we're taking a look at eight apps that the Gadgets 360 team really loves - here are our five favourite free image filter apps, with Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch from the BBC's Sherlock) as the model.

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With iOS 10 apparently serving as Apple's flagship operating system, it's easy to overlook Apple's latest software offering for desktops. However, macOS Sierra ought not to be ignored, as it's evidently jam-packed with new features and improvements.

The highly-anticipated OS X 10.12 was officially revealed with a new name, macOS Sierra, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2016. As we experienced in the move from OS X 10.10 Yosemite to 10.11 El Capitan, Sierra isn't just a compilation of bug fixes and performance updates—it's a full-fledged follow-up to last year's update.

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Finding the Qibla is not always easy, especially if you are traveling around the world. However praying facing directly to Mecca has never been that easy with modern smartphone apps. All you need is to install it on your gadget and avoid electromagnetic fields. Here you can find a selection of the best apps of this kind.

The world of technology offers smart solutions to make religious lives of Muslims easier and more efficient. In this article you’ll find the most interesting and useful apps for faithful Muslims.

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Just imagine that more than 2 billion smartphones will be sold across the globe in 2016 and most of them will be bought as a replacement for outdated gadgets. In fact, every fourth person on Earth will use a brand new smartphone! You want to be among them? Then we recommend to consult our list of reasons that will help you to understand whether it is time to change the smart phone or you can wait a little longer. 

Retail is changing like never before. Thanks to new technologies, it is getting much easier than ever before for retailers to comply with every customer’s demands. A mall of the future will look completely different from the current one: from robots to fitting room apps.

There are tons of apps in Google Play and the App Store for you to choose from, but the question is…Which one of these apps is actually the best? There are tons of tops out there, presenting various apps, from all categories, but we like to think that we managed to pick the best out of the best. Let’s begin, shall we?

  1. Camera360 Ultimate
    When it comes to photography, this is definitely the best choice. With more than 200 filters, multiple and powerful editing tools and NFC photo sharing, Camera360 Ultimate is an app every smartphone user should at least try.

  2. Pocket

    An excellent app for those moments when you don’t have a Wi-Fi or data connection! Pocket is an offline reader app, able to save text and images so you can check them out later on. Install it and you’ll forget about bookmarking and link sharing for later.

  3. Yahoo Weather

    From the multitude of weather apps out there, the folks of Yahoo! Managed not only to develop one that it’s simple to use and delivers all the information you need in a single glance, but it also has one of the most beautiful user interfaces we’ve even seen.

  4. Twitter Periscope

    If you’re into live streaming, this is by far your best option. Periscope lets you share your video with other users and chat with them in the same time. Also, one of its best features is that it’s able to save the whole streaming, so you can view it later, while the latest update allows landscape-oriented videos.

  5. Whatsapp

    You can’t call yourself a smartphone user if you don’t have this one installed on yours. In a world of messenger apps, Whatsapp is by far the number one choice. It’s easy to use and it has plenty of features, satisfying even the most demanding users. It’s not able to provide encrypted messaging, so you have another reason to try it.

  6. Spotify

    Right now, you don’t even need a subscription to use one of the most popular music apps, so you’re ok with ads and want access to an enormous database of songs and a very nice user experience, Spotify should be your only choice when it comes to music. There’s a paid version, improving the audio quality and removing ads as well.

  7. Evernote

    Ask anybody about the best note-taking app that is and their answer will most likely be Evernote. Whenever something pops in your mind, quickly open the app and jot it down. You can also use it to create to-do lists, record voice reminders and even capture photos, directly from the app. Best thing to get organized, we’d say!

  8. Pushbullet

    This is one of yours truly favorites. If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer and like to be up to date with all your notifications, but don’t want to check your phone everything something new comes in, this is what you need. Pushbullet, alongside the browser notification send all notifications on your computer’s screen, allowing you to check them and even reply to texts.

  9. Uber

    Basically, Uber doesn’t need any introduction, as it has definitely transformed the way we travel. Use it to quickly request a taxi and get picked up in a few minutes. Still, the best part about it is that you can pay with Google Wallet, PayPal or directly with your credit card, through a secure Uber account.

  10. Runtastic Pro

    If you go outside for a jog and like to keep track of your workout, then you need an app like Runtastic Pro. It’s not free, but it’s definitely worth the investment, being able to track you, cheer you after reaching milestones and generate live feedback after you’re done. A great app for those who want to stay in shape.

Hopefully, out list will help you pick some new apps for your phone and you will enjoy them as much as we do. Also, if you have other suggestions, which could make it to a second part of our top, feel free to tell us about them, using the comments section below!