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For many years, there have been several debates about which smartphone OS is better — Android, or iOS. Even among the writers of Gadgets 360, there are strong opinions about why some choose one over the other. But, fact of the matter is that the two have been closing the gaps in the past few years, with Android becoming more fluid and beautiful, and iOS becoming more flexible and customisable.

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Want to do something different with your pictures? Bored of the same old look and want to make your photos really stand out? Well, you could learn better photography, but if you aren't interested in making so much effort, apps that apply filters to your images are a quick way of getting eye-catching photos. The most famous app amongst these is of course Facebook-owned social network Instagram, but there have been plenty of others along the way as well.

Today, we're taking a look at eight apps that the Gadgets 360 team really loves - here are our five favourite free image filter apps, with Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch from the BBC's Sherlock) as the model.

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Korg has announced an iOS version of the classic ARP Odyssey synthesizer. Earlier this year, Moog released a $30 app that brought the legendary Model 15 to the iPad. Korg is now introducing another synth app – ARP ODYSSEi app that is a mobile version of the 1972 iconic ARP Odyssey with the same technology used in its Legacy Collection of software synths.

Recently Apple has introduced a lot of few features, though its typing experience still leaves much to be desired. As far as we know iPhones are not one-handed anymore and this became one of the main complaints of the device. However it turned out there is actually a hidden one-handed keyboard that nobody is supposed to know about. A developer named Steve Troughton-Smith discovered it on the Apple device accidentally by hacking an Apple’s iOS Simulator. 

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According to the latest figures posted by Apple, more than half the iOS device (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) users visiting the App Store have updated to iOS 10. The Cupertino-based company updated its App Store Distribution page to show the OS distribution data of App Store visitors on October 7 2016, split between iOS 10, iOS 9 and earlier iOS versions.

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Finding the Qibla is not always easy, especially if you are traveling around the world. However praying facing directly to Mecca has never been that easy with modern smartphone apps. All you need is to install it on your gadget and avoid electromagnetic fields. Here you can find a selection of the best apps of this kind.

Over the past years, one of the most interesting and discussed topics was definitely the Internet of Things, called by a lot of people “the next big thing”. But since you must be curious about what we’re actually referring to, it’s basically a network of physical objects , or devices, vehicles, building and many other items you can think of, embedded with electronics, software, a lot of sensors and, of course, connected to the internet, being able to collect and exchange data.

Even though the idea behind the Internet of Things is relatively new, there are a lot of companies, like Amazon, for example, which are looking forward to integrate it in their business. Also, more and more countries seem interested in implementing the ecosystem at a larger scale.

The United Arab Emirates is one of them, looking forward to take everything to a whole new level. Last year, a full plan for a smart city was presented and it has all the chances of becoming reality, becoming the first true Internet of Things network in the Middle East, revolutionizing the cities and usage of resources, through the data provided by sensors.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the idea behind the Internet of Things can’t be applied at a smaller scale as well. For example, think at your house. Using a couple of IoT devices can easily turn it into a smart house, permanently connected to the Internet. Like mentioned above, Amazon made an incredible progress towards this direction, by releasing the Dash system, a consumer goods ordering service.

Keeping it short, it allows you to keep inventory of consumer goods in your house or order items just by pressing one button. But this isn’t the only great Internet of Things Implementation. Besides the FitBit and Next thermometers, the platform is integrated in printers as well. Through a special printer app, they can send you mobile notifications, whenever consumables, like ink, toner or paper, are required.

And what if we told you that you can also enjoy the advantages of Internet of Things enabled appliances, like a yogurt make or even a multi cooker. Belkin, for example, teamed up with CrockPot and launche, thanks to their WeMo connected appliance platform, unveiled a IoT slow cooker, available for just $99. Users are able to adjust the timing and temperature through an iOS or Android app!

To sum up, allow us to say that all these examples given above are just a few examples of how this platform can be used. In a few years, having connected devices and appliances all over the house won’t be something that special. We will simply go in front of the fridge and, using a touchscreen, check out what groceries we need. Then, after pushing a few buttons, they will already be ordered. Isn’t technology wonderful?

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Google has announced the beginning of texting a new system, which allows users to login without using a password. 
Instead of requiring a user to enter a password, the new system sends a push-notification on his smartphone, asking to confirm the request. To use it, you need to remember only your email address. The appearance of the feature was first reported by Reddit’s user Rohit Paul – he got an email invitation to participate in the testing of a new system. According to the screenshots published by Paul, for its work you need a smartphone with an established access password or a fingerprint scanner (for both iOS and Android) 
After a simple setup, going in several stages, you begin to receive notifications with the following text: “Are you trying to enter from other computer?” If a user answers “Yes”, he will immediately gain the access to his Google account.

During the conversation with Google representatives, they confirmed the fact of testing and said that the days of such unreliable passwords like “Pizza” or “12345” are numbered. In the nearest future, the technology will be checked on a small amount of people and then it is planned to expand.

As it was noted by the company, a password itself is likely to remain, but it will be used only as a protective measure: for example, the system may need you to enter it, if it will consider the user’s behavior suspicious.

In case of loss the smartphone connected with the account (if it is protected by a numerical code or a fingerprint scanner) attackers will not be able to access user data, but in this case Google recommends to remove account access from your device. 
According to the developers, a password is usually the weakest part of user’s protection, and in the same time two-factor authentication is too complicated for the majority of people. The new system aims to combine the convenience of the first method and the security of the second one.

The discussion on abandoning traditional ways of login has been going on for already several months. For example, in July 2014 the editor of Forbes published his password in the open access to prove its needlessness as a protective measure. According to him, if hackers really want to get access to someone else’s data, they won’t be stopped by any combination of letters and numbers, and it’s high time users found other ways of login.

TOP8 Mobile Phone to Buy in UAE for Christmas

Christmas is coming and everybody in the UAE is looking forward to buying the perfect gift. If you’re one of those persons who simply can’t decide upon something, we have a suggestion that you can’t go wrong with: a mobile phone.

In the end, no matter if you’re an advanced user or you need just a basic model, a new mobile phone is more than welcome. Considering this, we’ve made a short list with 8 of them, available in the UAE, which you can buy this Christmas.

Motorola Moto E (2015) – The second gen Moto E is one of the best deals of the year, being a great combination between a great build quality, decent, entry-level specs and a pocket-friendly price.

The handset comes with a 4.5” display and it’s running Android 5.0 Lollipop, while on the back it has a 5 MP camera, with autofocus. The battery has a capacity of 2390 mAh and it should last for a full day with ease. The Motorola Moto E (2015) can make a really nice and cheap Christmas gift. In the UAE, it’s available for ~530 AED and you can find more details here.

Huawei Ascend P7 – Huawei’s flagship from 2014 is one of the best looking smartphones made by the Chinese manufacturer, with glass panels on the front and back. It features a 5.0” full HD display, an excellent 13 MP camera and a non-removable 2500 mAh battery. In the UAE, it has a price between 845 and 969 AED.

Xiaomi Mi 4 – Another Chinese smartphone makes it to our list with the best mobile phones to buy in UAE for Christmas, but this time it’s the Mi 4 model from Xiaomi. The handset has a 5.0-inch display and a great 13 MP camera, an 8.0 MP front snapper, while the operating system, Android 4.4 KitKat, is customized with the MIUI interface. Finally, the phone is powered by a 3080 mAh battery, able to run for 280 hours in stand-by. The Xiaomi Mi 4 is available at 929 AED.

OnePlus 2 – Launched after a big teasing campaign, the OnePlus 2 wasn’t exactly what the fans were expecting, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not an excellent phone. If you’re looking forward to offering it to somebody who like stock Android, this 5.5” handset, with a 13 MP camera and a 3300 mAh battery is the best choice. OnePlus 2 is available for 1645 AED.

Sony Xperia Z3 – The Japanese manufacturer’s flagship, released last year, is still a very good mobile phone. With a 5.2” full HD display and a 20.7 MP camera, one of the best on the market, this phone can run Android 5.0 Lollipop and other apps with ease. You can get it for 1502 AED.

Apple iPhone 5S – If you’re after a compact phone, the iPhone 5S, with its 4.0” display is a great choice, being one of the most popular phones in the UAE. The 8 MP camera can take some very good and sharp photos, while the 1560 mAh battery can last up to one day, depending on how you use it. The 64 GB has a price of 2799 AED.

Apple iPhone 6 – Of course, if you want a bigger and better alternative to the 5S, there’s also the iPhone 6., With a 4.7” display, the handset is powered by Apple’s A8 chip and it has an 8 MP camera on the back and a 1810 mAh batter. The Space Grey version, with 128 GB of storage, is available for 2652 AED.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – The Edge version of the S6 was highly appreciated worldwide, including by fans in the UAE. The phone has a dual-edged 5.1” display and on the back, a 16 MP camera, arguably the best one on the market. Finally, the phone has a non-removable 2600 mAh battery, which can also be charged wirelessly. Tha Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge can be bought in the UAE for 3799 AED.