AeroCool VP-700 PRO 700W

AeroCool VP-700 PRO 700W
Number of fans: Yes, The number of individual lines +12V: Yes, Power factor correction (PFC): active, CPU 4 pin: Yes, FDD 4 pin: Yes, Max. amps on the +12V: 50 And, Efficiency: 85 %, Power to the motherboard: 20 + 4 pin, CPU 8 pin: Yes, IDE 4 pin: 4
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Technical characteristics
Number of fans
Specifications power supply
Backlight fan
85 %
Max. amps on the +12V
50 And
700 W
Power factor correction (PFC)
The combined load on the +12V
600 watts
The number of individual lines +12V
The size of the power supply fan
139 mm
The standard power supply
ATX12V 2.3
Power supply connectors
CPU 4 pin
CPU 8 pin
FDD 4 pin
IDE 4 pin
Length of power cable
0.5 m
Modular DC power cables
Power to the motherboard
20 + 4 pin
USB Power
VGA 6 pin
VGA 8 pin
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