Toshiba 500GB (MK5055GSX)

Toshiba 500GB (MK5055GSX)
EEPROM: 8 MB, Thickness: 9.5 mm, Internal memory: 500 GB, Form factor: 2.5", Spindle speed: 5400 rpm, Noise level in standby mode: 25 dB, Interface: SATA, Average access time: 5.55 MS, Brand: Toshiba
176  AED
Internal memory
500 GB
Dimensions and weight
9.5 mm
8 MB
Technical characteristics
Average access time
5.55 MS
Form factor
Noise level in standby mode
25 dB
Spindle speed
5400 rpm
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Toshiba 500GB 2.5-Inch Portable External Hard Drive
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