avast! Email Server Security (1 server, 1 year)

Product type: full version, Max. number of devices: Yes, Delivery form: product key, The license: 1,, File scanner (signature): Yes, Mail filter: Yes, Operating system support: Windows Server 2003 SP2, Purpose: system of office protection, Min. system requirements: Windows 2003:, Brand: avast!
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General information
Delivery form
product key
Max. number of devices
Media included
Min. system requirements
Windows 2003:
Operating system support
Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP2
Product type
full version
system of office protection
The license
The right to use the previous version (Downgrade)
Access management and control of the other PC
Analysis of the activity programmes
Base secure programs/sites
Data encryption
Disaster recovery system
File scanner (signature)
Filter social networks
Mail filter
Mains filter (firewall)
Parental control
Password Manager
Protection of the local network
Safe environment to start
Undo the changes made by software
Virtual keyboard
Vulnerability scanner
Web filter
The description and technical specifications of the avast! Email Server Security (1 server, 1 year) are taken from official sources. In most cases, the manufacturer/developper reserves the right to change specifications of their products without notification, so, before you buy anything, we’d recommend you to verify parameters of interest with the seller. The price of the avast! Email Server Security (1 server, 1 year) is formed automatically based on sellers’ offers.

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