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Publishing articles. What for?

Many people write articles of high quality for their sites, but these articles do not attract the desired amount of traffic. After the publication of articles on you can significantly increase the amount of traffic on your site, because here your article will be available to thousands of readers around the world. The probability of retyping the articles published on is much higher therefore it expands the range of your potential customers.


Publish your authentic articles on right now and enjoy the following benefits:



Use the links placed in the supplemental information to increase the traffic of your website, promote your company or your personal brand and attract unlimited number of visitors. Remember that visitors who are interested in your article will probably want to learn more about what you described in article, so don’t forget to add valid links.



Your article can be republished on many other sites, thus attracting more and more visitors to your website and more and more customers to your business. This process is called Really Simple Syndication or RSS for short. The effectiveness of this technique is astounding and all you need to do is to place your article in our system and enjoy all its benefits.



When publishing an article on you promote your reputation as a writer among readers. It is also a good way for aspiring writers to establish yourself as an author, especially if you plan to become a required author in the near future.



Publishing on with further republishing makes your article accessible for a wide range of readers who will visit your website looking for more information. It opens up many opportunities for starting your own business.  


Sales without a website

Even if you do not have your own website, an article published on can perform its function. But don’t forget that the articles should not be of overtly advertising nature. You can specify your email address or your contact information so that potential customers can contact you, or post a link to your product or store on our site. Read more on Menarate For Sellers


Mass views

Every month thousands of readers will read through your article once published on


Expansion of clientele

When publishing an article on, you get an opportunity to attract customers who previously were not available to you. Even posting a few articles increases your chances to get new customers.


Long-term benefits

Articles that do not lose their relevance will not be deleted from base that allows you to drive traffic to your site year after year by publishing an article only once. It can be found, read, reprinted and will continue to serve you even years after the publication.


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Your publications on is a brand that promote your business, your personality and your experience. A well-known brand is always an advantage.



The readers who follow the links placed in the body of your article are not just casual visitors, but the people who are likely to be interested in the information provided on your site, as well as products and services offered by your company.


Indirect sales

Attract potential customers without making phone calls and personal appointments and sell your products or services. Your article will bring potential customers to your site just being published on



Republishing gives you even more advantages. The higher the quality of your article, the more time it will be republished. Not only the original article, but also its copies will serve as free advertising for your business and attract more traffic to your site.



Publication of articles on is prestigious, because we have exacting demands on the content and articles formatting. Therefore, status of a recognized author on enhances your reputation among readers as a competent and experienced writer.



All the articles published on are proofread and verified by the editors, who make sure that it conforms to the requirements for the content and design, there are no mistakes, all the links are valid, etc. It ensures the highest quality and integrity of the site materials.


In order to submit an article for consideration on, create an account and accept the conditions of this agreement. Set-up of the account, as well as the publication of articles are totally free. We keep on checking your articles as soon as possible, because we are interested in publishing them immediately but editing is done manually so the whole procedure may take several days.