MENArate Company is a web resource, comprising a news section and a catalogue of sale offers.

The company was launched in December, 2015. Our aspiration is to keep our users up to date on latest offers in mobile technologies, while providing for an opportunity to discuss and share opinions and ensuring the most comprehensive coverage possible of products and shops available in their region.

MENArate is a platform where we pool together price offers and technical specifications. If you are a seller, it’s a place where you can create a web-page of your own to sell products, such as phones, computers, components and peripherals, computer and phone accessories, uploading news and product lists. Our integrated promotion tools are at your disposal to inform customers about offers which are of a higher quality or of a lower price range compared to your competitors and to share the details of any other benefits. You can also hold promotional events and set discounts to attract and indulge your customers.

We try to provide for the widest display possible and help our users find both popular and exclusive models to their liking, covering all price segments: premium, average- and low-cost models.

Also, we have done our best to highlight every aspect of mobile technologies. For information about exhibitions, premiers, local events, latest offers and trends see the News section, while, in the Social News section, articles are more of an amusement. Plus you can be a news-maker, too! If you have something to share, just mail us your news. And if you have something to show, send us a link to your images. You are also welcome to comment on any news and vote for it.

Feel free to leave your feedback and ask questions.