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MENArate? It's a first in the Middle East interactive internet platform that brings together Buyers and Sellers. It is a place where you can interact with Sellers, compare prices, specifications for a wide range of products through our catalog. Furthermore you can share, read, rate and comment latest hi-tech news.

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How Do I Buy a Product? Make sure you selected the right region (the option button is located next to the language version and duplicated at the bottom of the page). Using its website catalogue with filters, search for the product of interest, then go to the page with its detailed description and look through the “Prices” tab. Select a seller matching your requirements and contact it on the phone or in any other way, using the contact data. Please, don’t forget to mention you found the company via the MENArate website.

Important! Pay attention to the seller’s legal data. We are an information platform aimed to match users and sellers, and we hold no liability for any further actions of sellers, though we are doing our best to track offenders, removing them from our lists (see “How do I Complain about a Seller?")

How do I Submit a Product Review? Find the product in the catalogue or using the search function. Go to the product page and then to the “Review” tab, submit the review and rate the product.

How do I Complain about a Seller? Fill in and send the seller complaint form.

If you have some other questions to ask, submit those via the ask a question form.