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Why MENARATE is the best place to register your shop and sell your products? Because MENARATE team is striving to get the best online catalog with detailed specifications, we do support both online and non-online shops. We do have a user friendly interface. We do let you have your own unique page where you can share your news and any information to be available for site visitors. Get found with our mapping services. Chat with other site users. Get business newsletters. AND ALL OF THIS FOR FREE!

What is There for Sellers? The resource gives sellers an opportunity to display the entire range of their products, while providing for convenient tools to load and update information. Names and contact details of sellers’ shops are also indicated on product pages.

Each shop has a separate page, featuring photos, a map (when available) and contact data. Thus, a user can either contact you directly on the phone or submit a message via our website. This platform is also a nice way to compare your products and prices with those of your competitors.

We strive to provide for a most comprehensive coverage of shops available for users in their respective regions.

How to Become a Registered Seller? Go to the registration page, fill in the fields, flag the checkbox to confirm you agree with the rules and select the “Seller” option. Proceed to fill in a simple form and verify the e-mail. The registration is free of charge and won’t take much time.

Once the registration is complete, go to your profile page and add your shop data, such as navigation coordinates, photos and, perhaps, some news.

How to Update Product Data? Online ecommerce sellers are linked to Menarate site through open standards communication protocols. As for non-online shops we have provided for handy means to upload price lists, using the Excel format table of your convenience.

Seeking a way to enhance efficiency, MENArate has designed premium tools to increase sales for all types of sellers, such as those meant to upgrade individual shop pages and upload news to be later displayed in the website main newsfeed. It is also possible to post several types of banners, each of those serving its own purpose – spurring demand, publicizing discounts, reminding users of some products and promoting a brand.

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If you have some other questions to ask, submit those via the ask a question form.