Now you can ride this motorbike on water and land

by Smartmon
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Now you can ride this motorbike on water and land

The new Bond film opens on Monday, and here's something fit for Jimmy Bond himself – a motorbike that runs on both land and water. Even better, you don't have to stop to switch modes. Just press a button as you hoon it into the drink, and it transforms into amphibious mode, effectively becoming a jet ski. Guaranteed to impress onlookers.

When on the water, the front wheel lifts up so it doesn't make any drag. It also switches to jet propulsion. And all in less than five seconds.

gibbs biski land

It really goes some too. It can hit 80mph on land and 37mph on water. We don't know what that is in knots, but we'd imagine "quite a lot".

The Biski isn't the first concept amphibious vehicle that Gibbs has made. But it's buy far the coolest.

The firm also announced the Terraquad, a two-seater, and the Triski, a three-wheeler that hits similar speeds as the Biski.

Hopefully it won't be long before they're on sale, and we can all have a bit of Bond in our lives. Q Branch would be proud.


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