UAE Toughens Penalties for Drivers Using Mobiles

by menarate
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UAE Toughens Penalties for Drivers Using MobilesAccording to Dubai’s traffic police the existing penaltiy for driving while using mobile phones is not harsh enough. The current penalty is going to be increased in five times. Moreover the vehicle will be confiscated for a month. As traffic violation will be considered not only talking by mobile phones, texting or taking selfies but also using mobiles while even stopping at traffic lights.

Dubai’s traffic police claims the main reason for car accidents in UAE is mobile phone using while driving. Recommendations on increase of the penalties were caused by growing number of deadful car accidents induced by using mobile phones by drivers. In 2015 Dubai Police fined about 50 thousand of drivers; in 2014 their number was more than 45 thousand while in 2013 there were recorded about 36 thousand cases.

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