Choosing Your Favourite Pair of Headphones


Whether you are playing a game or video chatting, a good headset makes all the difference.

It makes you enjoy your time as you’re able to experience sound on the whole other level. Here is a short guide of the best types of headphones for the most common headphones users’ groups: from the most ordinary models to the professional ones.

For gamers and skype users

Looking for headphones that you can use to make Skype calls and for gaming? Then the best choice for you is a headset with a good mic. If you have to work in a noisy room, pay attention to the feeling of how the headphones protect you from noise. Also make notice to how a microphone can distinguish your voice from background noise. A crucial point for gamers is a presence of surround sound, especially for shooters - you can detect the sound of an approaching enemy with headphones much better than with speakers. Complete sense of the gameplay comes as a bonus.


For students and travelers

Choose durable portable headphones. It doesn’t really matter whether they are supra-aural
or in-ear. If you often work in a library or other places where you need to be quiet, choose a model that even at maximum volume won’t be heard by others.


For quite home evenings, music fans and movie lovers

A key point for this group is the atmosphere. Deep surround sound will allow to be wrapped up in the music or create a sense of presence. Typically, manufacturers are actively positioning their audiophile models, so it’s not a problem to identify them. A little advice: if you see the volume control without any additional power supply and the manufacturer doesn’t inspire trust to you, it is better to choose another model. This feature means that the volume control is passive, which can distort the sound at different volumes. 


Sports and for walks

Take wireless headphones with a built-in player. Battery power will last for at least 1-2 workouts or walks. It’s much easier to use them "on the go". The devices may be inconvenient or loose fitting but many problems can be solved with the help of sports clothing with special inserts, bandages or pockets.

Fans of innovations or simply those who wish to stick out will love headsets with sound transmission through the cheekbones from Merlin or AfterShokz. Despite its scary name, your ears will be fully open to the outside world. Strongly recommended for cyclists and runners in terms of safety.


For fashionists

The most important thing for them is a brand. For United Arab Emirates it may be just mentioned AfterShokz and Merlin, as well as Beats, Bose, Skullcandy, Marshall, Sennheiser and KOSS. For some trendies it’d be enough if headphones cost as a used car and people know about it.


For DJ's & professionals

Headphones are not suitable for sound recording and they should be used only in conjunction with control monitors. But it’s ok to use them for other manipulations. Select AKG, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, HiFiMAN, Master & Dynamic, Shure, Westone and others. Not a single article may be devoted to professional audio equipment in order to understand at least the basic details. Amateurs should look at the category of home or audiophile headphones, where it’s possible to find a good sound quality and not feel the difference for a lower price. And we wish success to professionals, as this article won’t be of any help to them.


Unique crafted headphones

Being created from scratch special for your ear and your requests, they beat all price records. It takes time to order, produce and deliver them. Just for you to know that they exist.


Low-end models

Inexpensive earphones are suitable as a reserve or emergency, especially if you are working with them. Buying several pieces, you can leave them at work or in the car "just in case".

There are lots of such firms (Smart Buy, SVEN, Canyon, ACME, A4Tech) and you can easily recognize them by the price tag. Look at the quality of the items at a purchase, try to listen to the sound, ask about the warranty and you can safely buy it. But don’t use them all the time and better look at the models of a higher level.


With so much variety of headphone styles we wish you to find your perfect model, which is worth its price. But anyway, use your ears! The sound quality is not going to change just because a certain headphones model is more expensive. If a $20 pair of headphones sounds the same as a $200 pair, go for the cheaper one.

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