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Gamma 2 Robotics’ RAMSEE borrows the name of pharaohs, which is fitting since it works the graveyard shift. The security bot is an autonomous patrolman, rolling around empty halls and hard-to-surveil places, its LIDAR eyes and infrared cameras scanning the environment around it at all times. It is a robot built for empty spaces, alerting its human overseers to any harmful intrusion of life.

So, what, besides looking ridiculous in promotional videos, does this robot do? From Gamma 2 Robotics:

“RAMSEE will change the world of security because it never rests and operates at a fraction of the cost paid for other security services,” said Lew Pincus, chief executive officer, Gamma 2 Robotics. “We built RAMSEE to be ideally suited for the overnight dull, dirty and dangerous patrols nobody wants to do. These are the jobs for which the security industry struggles to find staffing.”

The main features of RAMSEE are the infrared vision, laser radar navigation, 360 degree cameras, heat sensing, and toxic gas detection, but the marquee item is that having a robot do patrols is cheaper than having humans do them.

Watch it below:


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