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Recent Innovations in SEO & its Profound Impact on Business Growth in the Middle East

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Over the year, Online Advertising & Marketing has gained a lot of magnitude among both small and large business organizations around the world. Promotion of businesses over the online space has proven its value in terms of shaping the profits for them, to a great extent. This approach of drawing more customers to patronize services and products comprise of a lot of particulars not everyone is well aware of. Defined in simpler terms, however, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a market discipline that is focused on faster growing visibility in non-paid search engine results. It serves as an important tool used in online marketing to facilitate the websites of these businesses, increase their customer base and improve ranking in search engine generations, with aim of giving perfect online visibility to businesses through their websites.

However, with immense scope and resources available in more than 22 countries of Middle East, businesses are still striving to establish their online presence in the local and global market. It is evident that businesses in this region have abundant potential of drawing customers and investment. But if you are an e-commerce business owner, competing with the big shots of the corporate world, then it becomes more than necessary to design your strategies so that you can reach the target audience.

In modern era, where it becomes paramount to sustain in this competitive market and one of the best ways to do so, is through establishing a strong online presence.  The internet driven world has made easy and convenient for businesses to promote their services and products through ubiquitous social networking sites, like Facebook. If your Facebook page is ranked globally, then, the possibility of people investing in your business is likely to increase! However, in certain regions, like that of the Middle East, people know about the big E-commerce brands only through TV advertisements or social media, there is an alarming need for large, medium and small size businesses to opt for better and marketing solutions. What can serve their purpose better than SEO or Search Engine Optimization, which is a characteristic advertising medium ensuring a wider reach. Search engine is basically an effectual promotion medium (SEM & SEO) for businesses; since they haven’t gained popularity in the Middle East countries, so the inception of SEO in such areas can help the businesses flourish and rule the market.

Traditionally, businesses believed in advertising on Television which offered quicker ROI (Return on Investment) and paid less attention to SEO tools & techniques. The recent upheaval of marketing through SEO services has inspired many people to pursue bountiful opportunities available to utilize web-based platform for marketing purposes. This simply signifies that the companies have now realized the growing importance of internet services including SEO & so, they are now focusing on building & enhancing their digital marketing strategies in the best possible way.

According to the recent data, 53.6% of the businesses in MENA (Middle East and North Africa region) ignore adding keywords, 27% people lack in general description and 18.8% people ignore both keywords as well as description. Approximately 1.1 million users in the Middle East countries joined Facebook in 2010 and UAE has the highest level of smart phone access rates in the world with 73.8% with Saudi Arabia beating Singapore to the 3rd spot at 72.8%.

Some of the SEO techniques and strategies that can be adopted to increase the profitability and productivity of your business in the online marketplace are:

  • The first and foremost step is to determine the loopholes in your current website and making the necessary amendments to create a better visibility over the web.
  • Data Research is often recommended to ensure that the target audience gets exactly what they want.
  • Creating well designed and optimized landing pages can enhance your lead generation and sales.
  • Create a customized website that is responsive and Mobile-Friendly
  • To increase the search traffic can be done through info graphics.
  • Google considers ranking web pages by implementing Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)
  • One of the smart ways to increase the customer base is through researching your competitors.
  • Deep linking to internal pages can improve the SEO value and ranking of the pages.
  • Refreshing your archive pages can contribute to enhance the ranking of those web pages in the search engine.
  • Using a distinctive and appropriate title and Meta description on every page is also an important on-page SEO factor.

Evidently, the higher ranked websites appear on the top search result list which is directly proportional to the number of visitors it will receive. With a consistently growing usage of internet in countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait and UAE, the companies are now opting for most effective SEO strategies will invite more customers that in turn would increase productivity.

As a matter of fact, Middle East is now home to more than 60 million facebook users, 7 million Twitter members and some of the highest YouTube viewership figures worldwide. According to various online sources, the Middle East countries may even become the biggest business marketing hub and drive plentiful opportunities for brands as well as service providers. This will mark a paradigm shift for the Middle East, which has drastically changed its financial standing and achieved commercial growth. The delivery of services helps add a new dimension to this region as well as represents their next effective step towards a better future. As the prominence on high quality content continues to drive brands and markets, Middle East regions are gradually changing their approach & driving a greater demand for strategic and innovative SEO strategies. This not only creates a market opportunity for SEO & content marketing service providers in Middle East but also help generate greater profit margins for different brands with an international focus. After all, the implementation of effective SEO measures will help enable brands to reach a larger target audience.

The bottom line is, whether the goal is to raise money and drive business success or raise levels of awareness surrounding prevalent social issues, the proliferation of SEO techniques and strategies in the Middle East is indisputably positive.

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