THIS Is How To Recover Data From A Dead Computer

by AnandaAnatoly
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When, a computer becomes dead, everyone assumes that all the data is also gone along with the computer. But, believe it or not, recovering data from a dead computer is not that difficult. Normally companies follow a very common template of recovering data. Here, are the steps to recover files from a dead computer:

Get an external hard disc drive which can host a hard disk and connect to a computer via USB post.

Borrow a computer which is compatible as the old one in terms of file system. For example, if one has windows filesystem then he/she must get another windows computer. It is to be ensured that it has sufficient space to accommodate recovered files.

A Windows hard drive user can insert a Mac into their computer. But, that will be able to read but not write the contents of the hard drive. One has do install a separate driver in order to perform this function.

It is very important to remove the hard drive from the dead PC. Unplugging and removal of the battery is needed for this. Turn it over and unscrew the screws. Unscrew the hard drive cover and remove the hard drive.

You have to remove the disc enclosure plate and insert it into the external hard drive interface. The adaptor can then be pulled off, thus ensuring connectivity between the drive and enclosure connector plate.

The hard drive is needed to be inserted into the enclosure.

Connect the hard drive to a working computer. It must be ensured that the computer is on. An icon will appear once the drive is connected.

It is compulsory to recover and explore files by either copying and pasting or clicking and dragging. This process may take few hours to complete.

Once this is done the window on the dead drive needs to be closed.Right click the USB icon and click eject. Now the old hard drive can be detached.

This process is simple for desktops but not easy for laptops, especially closed laptops that cannot be opened so easily. You might need the help of a computer engineer who can pull the hard drive and recover the data for you.

It is always advisable for you to avoid a scenario like this. Always keep multiple back up of the data as a practice.

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