September M&As in the World of Tech


Last month we’ve published an article about remarkable M&As of August 2016. This September world-known companies were rather active in acquisitions, too. Here is a list of the freshest M&A transactions.


1. Box and WAGON

This is the Box's first acquisition of the year since buying  Verold in April 2015. Founded in 2014, Wagon is a modern SQL (Structured Query Language) editor for analysts and engineers to write queries, visualize results, and share data and charts. Being a platform for companies to store and share their content, Box needed a help in building an analytics platform. Now the problem is solved.


2. GoDaddy and ManageWP

Serbian WordPress management service ManageWP, a platform that lets users manage multiple websites from a single dashboard, has been acquired by GoDaddy. ManageWP will operate as an independent firm within its parent company.  Financial details haven’t been disclosed. Good news for GoDaddy customers: some of the premium features in ManageWP will be offered for free.


3. Intel and Movidius

Intel accelerates its computer vision technology by buying Movidius – the company famous for producing new devices like drones, robots, virtual reality headsets and other. It’s obvious that collaboration of these two companies has a massive potential. Unfortunately no terms of the deal were disclosed so far.


4. Oracle and Logfire

Since September 6 a provider of cloud-based warehouse management applications Logfire is a part of Oracle. This addition is expected to complement the logistics functionality of the Oracle SCM Cloud by adding unique capabilities of Logfire.


5. Google and Apigee

Apigee is a provider of application programming interface (API) management. APIs — the mechanism developers use to interface and integrate with outside apps and services. Apigee is already used by hundreds of companies, including Walgreens, AT&T, Bechtel, Burberry, First Data and Live Nation. The addition of Apigee’s API solutions to Google cloud will accelerate its customers’ move to supporting their businesses with high quality digital interactions. The deal shall be completed by the end of the year with a total value of approximately $625 million.


6. TPG and McAfee

Intel has acquired Movidius but now sells majority stake in McAfee Security Unit to the investment firm TPG. Under the terms of the deal, McAfee will borrow money to pay an approximately $2 billion dividend to Intel, which will retain a 49 percent stake in the business. TPG will pay $1.1 billion in cash for a 51 percent stake.


7. Verizon and Sensity Systems Inc.

A global communications & technology leader and Sensity Systems Inc., a California-based private company providing IoT solutions have signed an acquisitions agreement September 9. This deal is going to help Verizon adding LED light control to its IoT platform.


8. HP and Samsung’s Printer Business

HP seeking to become a bigger player in copiers and printers pays $1.05 Bln for acquiring Samsung Electronics Co.’s printer business. This deal is the biggest since HP split from Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.


9. LeEco and Dichotomy Creative Group

Chinese company LeEco strengthens its commitment to premium global content by acquiring Dichotomy Creative Group. This way Chinese conglomerate hopes to make its way into Hollywood.


10. Logitech and Saitek

Logitech has been expanding its product line in several directions lately. Now it’s going to invest in higher-end peripherals for simulation games.


11. Google and Urban Engines

Urban Engines, a provider of location-based analytics for urban planning will join Google Maps in the nearest time. Interesting fact: Urban Engines was formed in 2014 by two former Google employees, who are now back.


12. Intel and Soft Machines

Intel has been on an acquisition spree lately. In the beginning of September the company has acquired Movidius. Later Intel has bought a chip-design company of Indian origin called Soft Machines for $300 million. Soft Machines is known for the VISC (Variable Instruction Set Computing) processor architecture. This deal shall strengthen the chip maker’s ability to deploy better technologies in the areas of digital security cameras and drones.


13. Airbnb and Trip4real

Airbnb has purchased a Barcelona-based travel startup Trip4real, which connects travelers with local activities that they can book online before their trip. The price of the acquisition has not been disclosed, although they say it doesn’t exceed $10 million.


14. Oracle and Palerra

A cloud security company Palerra has now become a part of Oracle family. The combination of two companies will let them providing comprehensive identity and security cloud services to users.


15. Google and API.AI

September 20 Google made a deal with API.AI – the company developing tools that make it easier to talk to bots. The terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed yet.


16. Facebook and Nascent Objects

A small California startup focused on creating a modular electronics system that consumers could use to build their gadgets has been bought by Facebook recently. Facebook will be able to develop its hardware projects more effectively.  


17. Amazon and

One more tech giant decided to improve its bots. Amazon has hired a CEO of conversational commerce startup However this fact doesn’t allow speaking about acquisition of the whole company.


18. Apple and TupleJump

Apple has recently bought the third machine learning company TumpleJump. India-based startup focuses on simplifying data management techniques and developing tools for work with large data quantities.


19. SAP and Plat.One

IoT Platform-Enabled Solutions (PES) vendor Plat.One is a part of German software giant SAP since September 28.


20. IBM and Promontory

This deal completes our September list. Consulting firm Promontory Financial Group headquartered in Washington D.C. has 19 offices worldwide, will be acquired by IBM by the end of this year. Financial terms of acquisition were not disclosed.



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