Wireless AirPod-style earbuds coming with the Samsung Galaxy S8


Anything Apple can do, Samsung usually has a good go at doing too, and it looks like wireless earbuds could be appearing with this year's Galaxy S8 right after turning up on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The usually reliable SamMobile reports on a tip-off that Samsung is working on new AirPod-style earbuds of its own to launch alongside the phone in a few months, though as yet it's not clear if they'll be bundled with the handset or offered as an optional accessory.

The company already makes the Gear Icon X set, but these will be a new line, source say. Also up in the air is a decision on whether the Galaxy S8 will ditch the 3.5mm audio jack or not - apparently some prototypes still include the port while others don't.

Sounds legit

That's just about all we know about these wireless earbuds right now, and they don't even have a catchy name yet. Samsung recently bought audio company Harman, so we may see some of that acquired technology and expertise appear in the new wireless gadget.

The South Korean company has also announced that it's unveiling a host of high-end audio gear at the CES expo next week, including a wireless speaker and a sound bar. It's unlikely that the new headphones are ready to be shown off yet, but it's possible.

So we can add wireless earbuds to the list of features we're expecting from the Samsung Galaxy S8 - a list that already includes a 4K screen, 6GB of RAM, an iris scanner and maybe a curved screen. The phone is expected to launch anywhere between February and April

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