Apple may release three new iPads this year, including an iPad Air 3

by Tom-Link
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It’s almost a year since the iPad Pro 9.7 launched, so it’s about time we got a new one. The latest rumors suggest we’re going to get not one, but three and they’ll land between April and June.

In a note obtained by Apple Insider, respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims Apple is building an upgraded 12.9-inch iPad Pro and a brand new 10 to 10.5-inch model with a narrow bezel, both of which will have an A10X chipset, which should make them more powerful than the iPhone 7.

Apple is apparently also making a new 9.7-inch iPad, but this will supposedly run a modified version of the A9 chip. 

That’s the same SoC as the iPhone 6S uses, and suggests the slate could be less powerful than even the current iPad Pro 9.7.

Return of the Air

It’s possible that this new 9.7-incher won’t be a Pro model at all. If it’s really dropping in power it could perhaps be marketed as an iPad Air 3, while the other two models launch as the iPad Pro 2.

Despite the lower specs of the 9.7-inch slate, Kuo believes it could be the best seller of the three, thanks to perhaps a lower price.

All of this is just rumor and speculation for now, but it’s not the first time we’ve heard word of three models being made, and the release window roughly lines up with past iPad launches.

If you’re holding out for a new iPad mini you could be waiting a while though, as despite the iPad mini 4 being over a year old there’s no mention of an iPad mini 5 in this report. Assuming Apple hasn’t abandoned the line we may get a new one around September, alongside the iPhone 8.

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