Pad & Quill Introduces Leather Apple Pencil Grip


Not only iPads and iPhones have appended accessories, sometimes such accessories have their own ones, too. For example, the Apple Pencil has recently got a special leather grip made by Pad & Quill. Even though the Apple Pencil itself is a great piece of technology, its design leaves much to be desired — it’s made of cold and harsh plastic and the cap for the Lightning port is easy to lose. Pad & Quill is going to make your Apple Pencil easier to hold and harder to lose.

The Leather Apple Pencil Grip is crafted by hand out of American leather, with a stainless steel pen clip and hand finished baseball stitch closure. It comes in two parts — a grip for the lower portion of the Pencil, and a clip portion for the Lighting port cap. The grip is available in three colors: Galloper Black, Chestnut, and Whiskey.

Although it’s not strictly necessary to have such a grip for Apple Pencil, Pad & Quill has a reputation for shipping incredibly well-made products. The manufacturer says its accessory “turns the Pencil from useful tool into a work of art.” So, it’s up to you to decide.

Pre-order can be made now from Pad & Quills’ website and the sales are expected to be launched in the beginning of April at a price of $50.

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