Samsung and Intel Join Antitrust Lawsuit against Qualcomm


Recently Samsung and Intel both filed claims against Qualcomm, stating they have been “harmed” by its misconduct. Although Samsung produces its own chips that compete with Qualcomm’s, it uses its competitor’s chips in its smartphones — such as the Snapdragon 835 processor in the Galaxy S8. Qualcomm’s “exclusionary” actions are that Qualcomm has refused to license Samsung to make and sell licensed chipsets wherefore Samsung now cannot sell licensed Exynos chipsets to non-Samsung companies.

On the other hand Intel also claims San Diego-based company stops it from competing fairly by leveraging patents that cover the fundamentals of modern phone systems. Intel also argues that Qualcomm refuses to sell chipsets unless manufacturers purchase patent licenses and agree to pay Qualcomm revenue on every chipset sold, irrespective of whether that chipset contains Qualcomm processors or not. 

While Qualcomm has not commented on Samsung and Intel’s briefings, it has warned investors that growing legal challenges may affect its financial outlook. The company is trying to rebut a series of legal and regulatory challenges to its business, including an anti-competitive suit by Apple Inc., one of its largest customers. The case will be heard on June 15 in a federal court in the Northern District of California.

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