Burj Khalifa is Most Instagrammed Building in Dubai


Being the world’s highest building, it is not surprising that Burj Khalifa tops a list of the most appearing buildings on Instagram. The second place takes Burj Al Arab which is 22 (!) times less popular.

The data was collected by the Arabian Construction Company through hashtags linked to the photos. The 306-metre Cayan Tower took the third place. This tower hit the headlines recently when Russian Instagram model was warned by Dubai Police for taking extreme selfies. The fourth in the list is Princess Tower – the highest residential building in the world. The next ones are the 68-floor Almas Tower and Ocean Heights (Dubai Marina). The 203-metre Rolex Tower was seventh while the Elite Residence located on one of the manmade palm islands came into eighth place. #32 tallest in Dubai Vision Tower and one of the tallest residential buildings in Marsa Dubai area Sulafa Tower also appeared in the list.

More than 14.9 million tourists visited Dubai in 2016 and the city is going to attract 20 million per year by 2020.

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