Top Startups in Dubai


Check out the top 10 most exciting startups in the UAE.

1. FittPass

The founders of FittPass wanted to create a solution for Dubai citizens who do not want to feel like being trapped by their gym memberships. FittPass gives access to multiple gyms, locations and classes, so you are free to choose which option matches your schedule and fitness goals better. In Singapore there is the analogue called GuavaPass.

2. Cook-A-Box

Cook-a-Box is a recipe and ingredient delivery service designed to generate new recipe ideas and make cooking faster and more convenient. Founded by ex-Groupon UAE Director of Operations Rasha Ismail, the service is perfect for busy professionals living in the desert, as it saves time of meal planning and grocery shopping. Every week, the website of the service features 15 new recipes on the menu, you choose those you like, and all the ingredients will be delivered to your door along with the recipe cards. The cooking won’t take you more than 35 minutes.

3. KinTrans

The idea to create the device converting sign language into a voice translation arose when the founder of the device Mohamed Elwazer saw a teenager at a metro station in Cairo struggling to tell the police officer something in sign language, but the officer couldn’t understand him. The tool is very useful both for businesses to communicate with the deaf and for daily life.

4. Melltoo

Husband and wife Morrad Irsane and Sharene Lee created Melltoo as a way for people to resell their valuable items they have no use for anymore. The service is not a usual platform of offers for sale but it finds customers for you, picks up and delivers your item and also collects payment.

5. MumzWorld

The focus of MumzWorld is to create an online marketplace and support community for mothers in the Middle East. The service is run by Mona and Bader Ataya, who were unsatisfied with the level and volume of information and selection for parents at their local malls. Now MumzWorld website is #1 mother, baby & child site in the Middle East.

6. Compareit4me

Compareit4me was created to help expats have an easier time when moving to the area. No matter whether you are looking for free rounds of golf, cashback, car loan or suitable health insurance, the platform will compare lots of options for you to choose the best one.

7. Careem

Careem is like a personal assistant, booking the right type of car and briefing the driver on directions and pick-up instructions. With the app you can easily book a ride in minutes. By creating the startup the founder Mudassir Sheikha wanted to raise the industry standard and offer quality transportation options that taxis in the area weren’t currently providing.

8. Duplays

Founded by expats Ravi Bhusari and Davinder Rao, the startup is aimed at creating a better way to connect different communities and organise teams. You can select city, sport and date and discover the best sports deals online. Today Duplays services more than 5,000 people per week. By the way, the abovesaid service Careem is a partner of Duplays.

9. Eventtus

Initially created in Egypt, the startup is built into a global networking and event platform where people can create event pages, contact attendees, and engage them with questions and activities. You can create the most engaging event app that your attendees will actually use.

10. Nabbesh

Nabbesh is the marketplace to find high quality freelancers. Now it’s much easy to hire skilled employees on a contract basis. By creating a freelance marketplace, Loulou Khazen Baz allows people seeking work life balance, to get integrated into the workforce and employed men and women looking for extra income. With over 950 different skills on Nabbesh, you can find or become an expert for almost every job.

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