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NASA has an enormous repository of research papers in its possession, but it’s never exactly been easy to wade through all of them in the past few years. That’s why NASA has gone forward with a new web portal that will allow you to look through its research results in a much more expedient and simplified manner.

Lenovo is looking to break new ground with the ThinkPad 13, a laptop that looks and feels like a classic ThinkPad but comes with a much cheaper price tag than we’re used to. With a starting price of £379.99 (around $480), it’s the second-most affordable model in Lenovo’s current ThinkPad line-up, positioned just behind the company’s rugged ThinkPad 11e Series that’s aimed at students.

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Cogito, ergo sum. We’ve all heard that famous assertion, foundation for a modern philosophy of self, consciousness, and individualism.

But Descartes had it easy: for him, thought was self-evident — he didn’t have to define it. What is thought? What is intelligence? And can a machine be said to possess either? The field of artificial intelligence, it turns out, is as much about the questions as it is about the answers, and as much about how we think as whether the machine does.

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Alexa Internet, Inc., California-based company wholly owned by Amazon.com has recently released a rating of the most popular web-sites worldwide. The assessment was based on daily average visits and views within the last three months. Around 30 million Internet resources were analyzed for the research.

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If we’re to keep thousands of expensive satellites in working order, the job isn’t going to be done by humans — and DARPA suggests we all get on the same page before we start designing robotic systems to pick up the slack.

The reality of satellite design is that if pretty much anything goes wrong, the thing sits in orbit like a million-dollar paperweight (although absent gravity it is technically a papermass) and eventually burns up on reentry. After all, there’s usually no one out there to fix it except the folks on the ISS, and they’ve got better things to do.

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Apple launched iOS 10 back in September to mostly positive reviews, but with the recent release of a 10.1.1 update, something has gone wrong. A growing number of users are reporting that their battery is no longer functioning correctly, and there's no obvious reason as to why.

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Extracting energy from sewage may not be the most glamorous job in scientific research, but it could turn out to be a potentially transformative one.

Don’t believe us? Just ask the team of microbiologists and biochemists working at Ghent University in Belgium, in collaboration with DC Water in Washington DC. They’ve developed a pilot program capable of doubling the quantity of biogas, heat, and electrical energy that can be extracted from sewage.

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Future generations of Apple Watches, Fitbits, or Android Wear gadgets may be able to detect and mitigate health problems rather than simply relay health data, thanks to a federally funded project that is applying big-data tools to mobile sensors.

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By 2030, California hopes to gain 50 percent of its energy from renewable sources and a proposalsigned today brings Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) closer to that goal. Together with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), labor unions, and environmental groups like Friends of the Earth, PG&E signed a historic proposal to close Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, the last nuclear power plant remaining in the state, by 2025 and replace the power it generates with renewables.

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The new research name change the way scientists study lung disease idiopathic pulmonary Fibrosis particularly. Earlier doctors used to grow two dimensional cultures that could not be used to demo certain diseases such as lung scarring.  Even when such cells come from patients they turn out to be healthy on flat culture. To address this problem scientist at University of California Los Angeles group three-dimensional organoids that resonate with sections of human lungs instead of just cells.