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According to NowhereElse, Samsung corporation works on development of the largest tablet with a screen size 18,4 inches. The evidence on it can be found in Indian database. However this gadget is described as a test model which should be destroyed after testing. The price doesn’t sound very expensive – about $ 508. 

By the way for today the largest tablet of Samsung is considered to be Galaxy Tab Pro S (12,2 inches). It could seem really tiny comparing to a huge test model. 

There have been no official info about release of 18,4 inches tablet yet. No one knows whether we’ll see these large devices on sale but let’s keep eyes open.

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Twitter takes on messengers, removes 140 word limit

Twitter, which is known for its 140 word limit on tweets and messages has just gone a step forward and removed the limit for Direct Messaging, fulfilling one of the long pending demands by twitter users across the globe.

“Direct Messages no longer have a 140 character limit. You can speak your mind,” was twitter’s new announcement yesterday.

“You can now chat on (and on) in a single Direct Message, and likely still have some characters left over,” it said and in a way throwing up a challenge to other messenger platforms.

The feature will be available on twitter.com via web browsers as well as twitter apps on Android and iOS and other third party apps like TweetDeck.

Although Twitter started rolling out the feature yesterday, not everyone is getting it immediately. “It will continue to roll out worldwide over the next few weeks,” added twitter in a blog post.

The feature will however only be available for private Direct Messaging, where users would like to engage in a conversation or a debate with a particular follower or a group. Tweets will continue to have a 140 word limit along with picture and video sharing abilities.

Meanwhile, there were mixed reactions on Twitter about the new change.

“Twitter finally removes stupid 140 character limit…. [Unfortunately, only on direct messages]” said a tweet by Henry Blodget.

“Great to see Twitter evolving messaging. Big opportunity….” said another tweet by Ryan Sarver.

Earlier in April, Twitter had introduced sweeping changes to how people used Direct Messaging. Earlier only those who mutually follow each other could send or receive direct messages.

Among the changes were features that allowed users to receive Direct Messages from anyone, even if you don’t follow them. It also updated messaging rules where users can reply to anyone who sends a Direct Message, regardless of whether or not that person follows you.

It also introduced a new Direct Message button on profile pages on Android and iPhone.

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Note 4 price to drop as Samsung set to launch Note 5

Samsung is all set to unveil the next edition of Galaxy Note and a curved Galaxy S6 Edge Plus later this evening (Aug 13) at an event in New York.

Desperate for success, and in an attempt to lead over rival iPhone, Samsung has for the first time advanced the launch date by almost three weeks.

Both the Galaxy Note 5 and the S6 Edge Plus are expected to come with some advanced features and competitive pricing as the company has more to worry with not so optimistic results so far this year. The company reported an 8 per cent year-on-year drop in its net profit that dropped to ($4.9 billion).

Earlier this month Samsung had reduced the price of both the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge by almost Dh500. Currently a 32GB Galaxy S6 Edge can be purchased for Dh1750. On the other hand the price of a 32 GB Galaxy Note 4 is Dh1,900/-

But expect that to change soon as the Note 4 could get a price drop within a few weeks.

UAE retailers are expecting a serious drop in prices during the forthcoming Gitex Shopper.

"Expect at least a drop of Dh200 to Dh400," said a staff at Emax electronics in Dubai.

"We are expecting Note 5 to be priced somewhere between Dh2500 to Dh2800," he added. A Galaxy Note 3 can be purchased online for as low as Dh1200.

The new Note is expected to come with a metallic glass design, the first for a Galaxy Note.

Most of the specs for the new phone has already been leaked. The Note 5 is rumoured to have a 5.66-inch Super Amoled QHD display of 2560 x 1440p resolution, Octacore Exynos 7420 chipset, and 4GB of RAM. The camera will receive an upgrade and will incorporate a 16MP sensor. The front camera is expected to remain the same with 5MP sensors.

For those interested to watch the announcement, Samsung is live streaming the event.

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Google officials are planning to widespread their target audience up to 1 billion users. This aim can be achieved through amending a Program Android One focused on weak purchasing power countries.  
The company's managing director in Southeast Asia, Rajan Anandan, said it’s necessary to develop a new plan for Android One optimization in the next few weeks. The priority goal is developing new low-cost smartphones. It aims Android OS to compete with cheap alternatives on the Southeast market. Also Mr. Anandan noted that certain plans of the company are connected with Android One and new affordable models won’t keep waiting.
Although Google doesn’t take efforts to develop Android One devices it provides a set of standards which should be met by the partners who develop them. At the same time Google controls the production of smartphones and OS installation.
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Opera of a New Generation
The premiere of a comedy opera “My square lady” took place in Komische Oper in Berlin. Starring: robot Myon, developed by the Berlin Humboldt University in cooperation with Neurorobotics laboratory staff.
According to PhysOrg, Myon plays absolutely autonomously. It acts independently: changes his behavior, communicates with actors. Myon’s behavior depends on a sound, a light, a music and a position of actors on stage. Not to be lost on stage, Myon’s inventor provided it with one eye.
What concerns its technical characteristics it should be mentioned that the robot’s height is 1,25 m and its weight is 16 kg. Myon is a human-like invention with a head, a body, hands and legs. The robot is able to take 32 positions and the construction has 48 sensors.
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Wi-Fi Palm Trees in Dubai
Dubai executives announced new invention – “Smart Palm trees”. This six-meter device aims to charge smartphones (up to 10 at once) and provide with wireless Internet. In addition to free internet access and device charging they provide multilanguage useful info about the city and even a weather forecast. Wi-Fi range stretches for 53 m. 
The first “Smart Palm tree” was installed near the most famous Dubai skyscraper Burj Khalifa