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ASUS gathers with Trend Micro to develop new utility for Wi-Fi routers

Trend Micro, - a company specializing in security software, teams up with hardware producer Asus to develop new Smart Home Network utility for Wi-Fi routers.

The Smart Home Network Solution will allow manage such Internet features on Asus Home routers as security, parental control and quality of service. In order to improve security services, the utility includes 3-step protection process (prevention-protection-mitigation) that will help to avoid Internet-risks for Wi-Fi router and other devices. 

Quality of service feature helps to control Internet traffic due to the identification of more than 800 Internet apps and around 1,000 devices including mobile phones, gaming consoles and TV sets. According to the producer the feature will essentially improve speed and quality of connection thus live-stream HD videos, online games and P2P downloading will no longer be something wait-half-a-day-to-download.

In its turn, parental control feature helps to restrict access for undesirable web-sites and applications.

As Asus officials say, cooperation of two companies is extremely important step in development of high-quality product for every-day use. Smart Home Network Solution will help to optimize daily use of Internet according to users’ preferences by combining function of control and security.   Taking in consideration compatibility of the new product with great variety of internet-connected devices, the utility is expected to be on demand among users. 

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According to Sean West, an American, this time is enough to charge his newly invented battery, which is based on lithium-ion capacitors. And it is not only the charging speed that makes the battery stand out but also its safety and diversity of possible applications. The battery, while being the same size as a regular AA battery, lasts just as long as any conventional battery of the same type.

However to be able to use the battery users also need a special charging device as no regular ones are suitable for the purpose. Anyways, the set of a battery and a charging device is expected to cost not more than 25 USD.

The inventor intends to present his first products this October already, the range including both standard AA batteries, AAA batteries and batteries of other typical sizes.

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United Arab Emirates - record for the number of mobile phones per capita

\"The number of subscribers of mobile operators in the United Arab Emirates today reaches 17 million\", - informs the national Telecommunications regulator. According to the latest data, the degree of coverage of mobile operators reaches 200%, which is the highest indicator in the world.

Today the population of the UAE is over 8 million people, suggesting that, on average, every citizen enjoys the two cell numbers.

Emirates is located on the second locally in economic development among the Arab countries, second only to Saudi Arabia and are the second state in terms of GDP, being the richest country after Qatar.

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Dubai to Get Own Rainforest

Dubai developers, known for their mind-boggling projects, are set to build a tropical rainforest on the desert outskirts of the Dubai City. The rainforest will be “planted” under a climate-controlled dome as part of Damac Properties’ luxury housing estate.

The new sight is to open before the 2020 World Expo. It will comprise zip lines and walkways, a climbing wall and a spa with rock pools and steam baths. Ziad El Chaar, managing director of Damac Properties, is sure the rainforest will become a big tourist attraction and a place where one can obtain educational and cultural experience.

Nevertheless, the rainforest project has opponents, too. Environmentalists point out that it might have an adverse effect on the UAE government’s efforts to curb the increasing water and energy consumption of the Dubai City. Some believe that the expected high water consumption to keep the artificial forest alive is unsustainable in a desert climate.

Taken all of the above, to settle the argument, it seems crucial for the developers to provide for a thorough assessment of the project’s environmental impact in case they haven’t done it yet.

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HTC's new selfie wonder

No doubt selfies have become part and parcel of our everyday digital lives. With this in mind, HTC has done its best to make its newly released Desire Eye smartphone a powerful ‘selfie’ tool. Indeed, the first thing you notice about the phone is the big front-facing camera staring at you like some giant eye. In fact, HTC claims to have provided the highest front camera resolution to date – 13 megapixels. The camera also boasts features such as autofocus, 1080p video recording, and a dual LED flash (and on the back of the phone, too). The camera app package includes a mode where you can insert yourself into a scene or merge your face with some other person’s image, the face-tracking mode for video calls, and the automatic selfie snap mode. You can also take pictures, using both cameras – on the rear and on the front – simultaneously.

Actually, besides the powerful front-facing camera, the smartphone has more to offer than an average mid-range smartphone: a nicely designed 5.2-inch 1080p display, viewable from most angles, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, and 2GB RAM. Its plastic body feels good to the touch and not so slippery as most metal bodies do. Moreover, it’s IPX7 water resistant, which means you can hold it under water at a depth of one meter for as long as 30 minutes with no harm done to it at all. The phone is also packaged with all the fancy features a high-end smartphone is supposed to have, and, though its price is not known for sure yet, it is expected to be sold cheaper than the M8 or other high-end phones.

However, all the rest of it is much the same as the M8 – the same Android 4.4 KitKat and the HTC’s usual Sense 6.0. And though Desire Eye does have a front camera of outstanding capacity and does take pictures of nice quality outdoors and in daylight, it has some obvious issues with taking photos in low light. In fact, compared to the iPhone 6's front camera, for example, pictures you can get with Desire Eye look way less impressive.

Anyways, it might be the right choice when a good nicely packaged smartphone for a good price is what you’re looking for.

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New Resource for Music Artists

The new resource YouTube for Artists is intended to help musicians with their public debut. It is said to be just one of the numerous resources YouTube plans to launch for the benefit of artists and video publishers. The site, among other things, features tips on how to get discovered, attract fans and earn money from creative work, how to advertise music shows, raise funds and sell merchandise. Plus it includes information on available free production resources.