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United Arab Emirates - record for the number of mobile phones per capita

\"The number of subscribers of mobile operators in the United Arab Emirates today reaches 17 million\", - informs the national Telecommunications regulator. According to the latest data, the degree of coverage of mobile operators reaches 200%, which is the highest indicator in the world.

Today the population of the UAE is over 8 million people, suggesting that, on average, every citizen enjoys the two cell numbers.

Emirates is located on the second locally in economic development among the Arab countries, second only to Saudi Arabia and are the second state in terms of GDP, being the richest country after Qatar.

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ASUS gathers with Trend Micro to develop new utility for Wi-Fi routers

Trend Micro, - a company specializing in security software, teams up with hardware producer Asus to develop new Smart Home Network utility for Wi-Fi routers.

The Smart Home Network Solution will allow manage such Internet features on Asus Home routers as security, parental control and quality of service. In order to improve security services, the utility includes 3-step protection process (prevention-protection-mitigation) that will help to avoid Internet-risks for Wi-Fi router and other devices. 

Quality of service feature helps to control Internet traffic due to the identification of more than 800 Internet apps and around 1,000 devices including mobile phones, gaming consoles and TV sets. According to the producer the feature will essentially improve speed and quality of connection thus live-stream HD videos, online games and P2P downloading will no longer be something wait-half-a-day-to-download.

In its turn, parental control feature helps to restrict access for undesirable web-sites and applications.

As Asus officials say, cooperation of two companies is extremely important step in development of high-quality product for every-day use. Smart Home Network Solution will help to optimize daily use of Internet according to users’ preferences by combining function of control and security.   Taking in consideration compatibility of the new product with great variety of internet-connected devices, the utility is expected to be on demand among users. 

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Seagate’s new ultra-high capacity hard drive

According to Seagate’s Vice President of Marketing, Scott Horn, our increasingly mobile world is now in desperate need for a cost-efficient innovative medium to store large amounts of accumulated personal and cloud-based data, so Seagate’s break-through invention could be a proper solution to this problem. The company’s newly launched 8TB hard drive boasts both high capacity and high efficiency, including in terms of operating costs and power consumption, perhaps, even highest in the industry.

Though Seagate has already started supplying the product, the new solution is expected to be available on a wider scale by next quarter.

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A documentary on the ten most ambitious mega-projects currently under development around the world, featuring: Dubai World Central Airport (United Arab Emirates); Songdo International Business District (South Korea); Tokyo-Osaka Maglev Train (Japan); Masdar City (United Arab Emirates); The Grand Canal (Nicaragua); National Trunk Highway System (China); International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor [ITER] - Fusion (France); World's Tallest Building (Azerbaijan); Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (India); King Abdullah Economic City (Saudi Arabia). 

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The unified payment system of "Mobile wallets" will soon start working in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates intend to run a single payment system Mobile wallet, the local media report. According to Chairman of the Federation of banks Abdul Aziz al Ghurair, they will be the first country in which the banking sector will be to support the implementation of electronic payments via mobile phones.

With the help of Mobile wallet every citizen will be able to make money transfers, including domestic and foreign transactions, and manage Bank accounts, buy tickets and various goods without leaving home or office.

The project of a unified mobile payment system was introduced in February 2013. In its development was attended by representatives of nine banks headed by Tirado al Mahmoud, General Director of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. The main advantage of the system is easy to use and accessible to all layers of population of the UAE, even for those users who do not have Bank accounts.

According to research company IDC, in 2014 will be sold more than 5 million mobile phones, of which approximately 3.5 million. will be smartphones. Already now the number of subscribers of mobile operators in the United Arab Emirates is about 17 million, while the level of mobile penetration is 200% and is the highest in the world.

If you compare the number of subscribers to the real population of a state, which is over 8 million people, it can be concluded that each inhabitant of the country has an average of two mobile phones.

It is expected that with the development of the project the system of mobile payments will be available for tourists.