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Those times when the UAE was considered just a touristic attraction are already history, as, over the past years, it turned into a leading regional hub for IT and telecommunication trade, thanks to its position as an excellent platform for top tier tech companies from all over the world. After all, the numerous global technology-oriented events that were organized here are the best proof of the country’s progress!

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UAE Toughens Penalties for Drivers Using MobilesAccording to Dubai’s traffic police the existing penaltiy for driving while using mobile phones is not harsh enough. The current penalty is going to be increased in five times. Moreover the vehicle will be confiscated for a month. As traffic violation will be considered not only talking by mobile phones, texting or taking selfies but also using mobiles while even stopping at traffic lights.

Microsoft Makes Its Own SIM Card

Microsoft is going to surprise us with its new invention. However it won’t be a new tablet or a smartphone (though they are expected to be released soon). Microsoft is developing its own SIM card that allows Windows 10 based devices to access different cellular data networks without the need for a contract with them.

According to Analysts Users Prefer Larger Displays

Market research firm Strategy Analytics has conducted a survey dedicated to discover the most preferred bias by current users. Being released in 2007, the first iPhone model has been considered as a smartphone model with perfect display measurements – 3.5-inch. However today the smartphone displays’ standards have been considerably changed. Even Apple departed from its 3.5-inch standard now.