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In an attempt to reduce the environmental impact Samsung is going to recycle 157 tonnes of rare metals from its sadly remembered Galaxy Note 7s smartphones, which gained notoriety last year after a battery defect caused explosions.

Faraday Future is gearing up to make its mark in the electric car space. 

The company announced Monday that it is partnering with LG Chem, one of the largest lithium-ion battery makers in the world, to provide the batteries for its vehicles. 

LG Chem also provides batteries to GM for its all-electric Bolt and to many other automakers working on EVs. 

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Don’t throw out that seemingly lifeless battery—it’s not dead yet. A brand-new alkaline battery cell has an electric potential of about 1.5 volts, which drops as the juice runs out. The voltage eventually becomes too low to power most devices, but there’s still energy trapped inside the battery—as much as 15 percent of the original charge. By wiring a circuit called a “joule thief,” you can tap the last of that power to light a white LED.

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Just imagine that more than 2 billion smartphones will be sold across the globe in 2016 and most of them will be bought as a replacement for outdated gadgets. In fact, every fourth person on Earth will use a brand new smartphone! You want to be among them? Then we recommend to consult our list of reasons that will help you to understand whether it is time to change the smart phone or you can wait a little longer. 

We’ve all suffered the inconvenience of dead phone. However, with a breakthrough in battery technologies a portable charger is the best solution. Sometimes that’s not always convenient (or even possible) to plug the USB charging cable in to your computer or to a wall-wart transformer especially if you’re traveling or are away from home. So what is an external battery pack? In short, this device lets you charge you handy, tab or any other gadget if there’s no possibility to plug your charging cable into the wall. 

Let’s have a look at the main features you should consider while choosing a portable charger.

New Lithium-Ion Battery Won't Overheat

Unfortunately, lithium-ion batteries come with risks: they can overheat and cause explosions and fires. The problem of potentially dangerous accidents caused by overheating can be solved very soon.