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Being the world’s highest building, it is not surprising that Burj Khalifa tops a list of the most appearing buildings on Instagram. The second place takes Burj Al Arab which is 22 (!) times less popular.

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The Tallest Building in the World May Lose Its Status

Dubai's iconic Burj Khalifa could soon lose its status of the world's tallest building in the world. Saudi Arabia is planning to construct a monumental tower in Jeddah called the Kingdom Tower, which will exceed the height of the Burj Khalifa by more than 150 meters. According to a press release of the Saudi government, Jeddah Economic Company and Saudi Arabia's Alinma Investment have signed a financing deal for $2.2 billion to build Jeddah City. The skyscraper is currently built to the 26th floor while it’ll reach a height of more than one kilometer by completion of the project that is expected in 2020.