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As usual in the end of each month we post a list of the most noticeable technology company acquisitions.
The first day of March was rich in M&As. The first name of the company is those who acquired and the second one is who was acquired correspondingly. Let’s start with e-Zest Solutions.

As usual in the beginning of the month we acquaint you with world top M&A deals in IT. Here is our list of November deals. The first company is an acquirer and the second one is the acquired company.

Here is our new list of remarkable M&As. As usual it is drawn up in a date order.

Last month we’ve published an article about remarkable M&As of August 2016. This September world-known companies were rather active in acquisitions, too. Here is a list of the freshest M&A transactions.

This month we welcome the Galaxy Note 7 onto the list, as the faulty battery issue is fixed and the device is now deemed safe to use.

Good thing, too, because it would be a shame to leave out such an otherwise excellent smartphone. 

Here's our ranking of the best phones you can buy. 

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is an important business phenomenon, especially in business spheres connected with IT and innovations. August 2016 was rich in companies’ acquisitions. Let us introduce you a list of fifteen companies which have acquired businesses last August. The list is drawn up in date order.

Micro-moments are spontaneous moments when consumers expect brands to address their needs with real-time relevance. Recently smartphones are used for this purpose more and more often. Such crucially important moments of contact with brands happen all the time and companies shall work out a special marketing strategy for them.

Here is a short guide in digital marketing with statistics, strategies and examples for mastering micro-moments.

If you own a business or a company in any of the countries in Middle East, then local SEO services can shower numerous blessings for your business. Unlike the traditional SEO, the local SEO used in any of the Arab countries can rank a company’s website on top positions in the local search results of Google. This can be understood very simply. For instance, a tourist visiting Cairo, Egypt and searching for hotels or restaurants, just needs to type the specific words like “hotels” and “restaurants” instead of mentioning the name of the city and the Google Place Page can rank it top on the local searches. This is how the local Middle East SEO works for the businesses in Middle East. It can open up immense opportunities for business owners to reach out to maximum clients, thereby expanding their operations and chances of multiplying their profits.

The local SEO in Middle East coupled with SEO innovations can do wonders for companies, restaurants and other organizations who want to promote their businesses within their own geographical area. This is slightly different from traditional SEO as it focuses more on promoting business on Google’s local search results which are not global or nationwide. An individual in Dubai that types “five star hotels” will automatically receive local search results of all five stars hotels in Dubai only; this is exactly what local SEO aims at. A person visiting Middle East and searching for maps to get a restaurant or to visit a business needs the company’s website to get in touch and this is where SEO can play key role in helping businesses to reach out to maximum number of tourists and visitors coming to Middle East.

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Each one of us has at least once thought or dreamt of working with Google especially after going through various articles that describes about Google’s working environment. Rooms with bean bags, futuristic architecture, Google’s logo colors, and hammocks to take a break and of course, delicious looking foods in cafeterias depict a dream work environment for anyone.